How do I winterize my pool waterfall?

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Preparation of the fountain for winter should begin even before the onset of the first frost. Already in the second half of autumn, it is recommended to cover it with a net to prevent leaves from getting in, which will begin to rot at the bottom. When at night the air temperature begins to drop

Do fountains attract mosquitoes?

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As you know, stagnant water is the best friend of mosquitoes. Just a little water is all a female mosquito needs to lay her eggs. After that, in a very short time, the offspring hatch, pupate and become adult mosquitoes. They start looking for blood again, and the cycle begins anew. Mosquitoes don’t travel too

Are water features hard to maintain?

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Are water features hard to maintain? Water features can be difficult to maintain. They are a lot like a mini swimming pool. Water levels need to be monitored, equipment requires maintenance, and sometimes chemicals need to be added to keep the water clean. Care for the pool, as well as for any of its variety,

Does a water feature increase home value?

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Does a water feature increase home value? Having a pool on your property will increase your home’s liability, and it will likely increase your home insurance fees. Most policies cover pool-related incidents, but experts recommend increasing your liability from $100,000 to $500,000, which costs about $30 more a year. In some areas, adding a pool

Do water fountains use a lot of electricity?

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Do water fountains use a lot of electricity? Yes, that’s why many people want to reduce their pool heating costs. To do this, you have to choose the best equipment that suits the power and criteria of the pool. Use a solar cover to save heat or a pavilion. Heat the pool with a heat

How do I drain water from my pond without a pump?

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If there is no drainage and no drainage system, you have to find other ways to drain the water. This is particularly problematic if you have to drain the pond without a pump. There are several methods, including the Archimedean screw and the Montgolfier ram, but the simplest and most effective is the so-called mechanical

How do I get rid of moss rocks around my pool?

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Of environmentally friendly means I can advise an innovative product on a water basis. It does not contain any chemical solvents and acids, moreover, it is biodegradable. The solution effectively removes not only mold, moss, and lichen but also other greens that you want to remove from your pool. You can use a commercial moss

How do I keep my outdoor fountain water clear?

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Dry biopreparations are used when “starting” the fountain, and at replacement of water, with the correct dosage, their action is enough for 3-4 months. Liquid bacteria are added weekly in the first month and then 1-2 times a month to maintain the required number of beneficial bacteria. Biopreparations can also be added directly to the

Can I add a waterfall to my pool?

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Can I add a waterfall to my pool? Yes. Waterfalls for the pool, in addition to purely aesthetic functions have a practical function and ensure smooth circulation of water and better dissolve the chemicals for its cleaning. A waterfall of any type consists of a front part, an embedded base, a water intake, a pump,

Should you leave outdoor fountain on all the time?

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Fountain pumps are specifically designed for continuous operation, so there is no need to turn the equipment off all the time. Sudden overloads are hard on the fountain. Those who turn their fountain on and off all day long will end up with broken equipment. Carefully read the instruction manual for the rules of operation.

How do I add a waterfall feature to my pool?

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Pools with waterfalls can turn an ordinary backyard into a picturesque oasis for you, your friends, and your family. Pool waterfalls are not only a focal point and effect for your pool, but they also have other practical benefits. They can improve filtration as well as act as a noise barrier. How much does it