Do fountains attract mosquitoes?

As you know, stagnant water is the best friend of mosquitoes. Just a little water is all a female mosquito needs to lay her eggs. After that, in a very short time, the offspring hatch, pupate and become adult mosquitoes. They start looking for blood again, and the cycle begins anew. Mosquitoes don’t travel too far from where they hatch, so paying close attention to making sure there’s nowhere for them to breed is the best defense. If water stagnates in your yard for a long time, try to drain the puddles by hand. You can also use special products based on bacteria (the active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis), which is an organic pesticide. Mosquitoes do not need much water to breed. Therefore, one must be very careful not to leave anything that can collect water not emptied in time.

Mosquitoes lay eggs and larvae in still water. Therefore, mosquitoes usually come to water points, and there are many more, but they can travel long distances, fly, or be carried on a checker. Stagnant water is an ideal breeding environment for blood-sucking insects. Adding a fountain, waterfall, or other construction improves water circulation and lowers the stagnation that lets mosquitoes reproduce. Avoid standing water that attracts mosquitoes, so flush your fountain often or put it to work.

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