Reason for the popularity of small fiberglass pools

small fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are very popular nowadays. Naturally, we are referring to their popularity, and not their size. As soon as you start to shop around, you will understand that fiberglass pools are available in various sizes, while some of them that are really small. That’s a great news, since a small fiberglass pool is just

What’s the price of filling a pool with water?

best backyard pools

If you’ve never had a pool before, the perspective of filling it with water for the first time may be seen frightening. The majority of us have been learned from an early age not to increase the water bill by taking shower for too long. Based on such circumstance, you might expect to pay A

What’s the price of a spool?

pool and a spa

The pool industry is full of big words, most of them targeted at promoting innovative designs and functions. One of the most popular terms that has been standing out in recent years is the spool. As the name implies, these fashionable pools combine components of a pool and a spa in one neat small package.

10 basic items necessary for your pool bar

floating pool bar

Of course, the best place for enjoying refreshments on a sultry day is your backyard pool. The only trouble is that you’ll have to often get out of the pool for a refill. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this issue – bring the bar to the pool! A floating pool bar provides you with

How to make the pool fencing safe and beautiful?

How to choose a pool fence

Fence is an important part of most inground pools. Actually, it may even be required by the local legislation (on security grounds). In addition, fences are able to provide a feeling of privacy, which is crucial to many persons when they walk around the pool in their swimsuits. Prior to taking a decision, make some

Is it possible to get the pool for free?

inground pool covers you can walk on

Don’t you find such headlines annoying? They make an absurd statement to raise your interest, then break their promises after you read the article. However, in our case, there’s a grain of truth in the claim that you can obtain a free pool (or at least a one with a great discount). However, as you

Best pool floats

vinyl pool liners

Lounging on a pool float is a great way to spend a hot summer day. Surely, not all of them are made equal. Most of them are cheaply built, boring bits of leaky plastic that may or may not fulfill their main function of keeping you over the water. Luckily, there are better options. Actually,

Best pool party ideas

intex above ground pools for sale

Whether we’re speaking of a gathering of close friends, or a great birthday party for children, a pool party is always one of the main events of summer. Unluckily, enchanting summer parties will not arrange themselves. Someone must create the magic– and if it’s up to you, we suggest that you keep reading our articles

The least expensive way to warm up a pool

Every day of swimming in the warm pool is an excellent day. Controlling the temperature in your pool is a matter of the time of the year, geographical location, and – not to be ignored – individual preference. Surely, it’s also a question of money. As we have already mentioned, the price of heating a

Best adjectives to describe the perfect swimming pool designs

Best adjectives to describe the perfect swimming pool designs

Ask several pool experts what the ideal design is, and you’ll definitely get many different responses. However, all of them are right. From exquisite spools to magnificent infinity pools, concrete to fiberglass, square to free shape, there’s enough room for discussion and individual preference when it concerns pools. Simply put, it’s not so important what

How to quickly save for a pool

inground pool prices installed

You dream of having a pool, but don’t want to take out a huge loan to pay for it. It’s a reasonable position to take considering that pools are luxurious facilities. However, it also poses a challenge, since the price of pool construction is more than most people can afford. Saving up may look like