Should you turn your pool pump off at night?

pool covers for inground in az

Should you turn your pool pump off at night to reduce the power consumption of the pump to zero for that period of the day? It is worth bearing in mind that the water surface will be covered by a floating blanket in parallel with the pump stops. Accordingly, at this time, not only the

Can the prices on inground pools decrease?

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As soon as the weather starts to improve, many people start to think about swimming pools. Summer is definitely the busiest period for pool contractors. This begs an obvious question – is it possible to obtain a better offer by waiting? Logically, the cost of inground pools should reduce in the offseason when there’s lower

Why inground pools usually exceed the budget?

Why inground pools usually exceed the budget?

Such thing as a cheap inground pool just doesn’t exist. If you do extensive research on inground pool expenses, it won’t surprise you when you receive your first quote from a pool builder. Nevertheless, you will be surprised when you realize how much you’ve actually paid for your pool as soon as it’s finished. The reason

Inground pool waterfalls rock

Inground pool waterfalls rock

Inground pool waterfalls are expensive. However, if owning a fancy and picturesque pool is one of your main priorities, you should find room in your budget. This definitely the most luxurious pool feature. In combination with some creative landscape design, a waterfall can turn an inground pool into a piece of heaven. A waterfall not

DIY using inground pool kits

diy inground pool kit

There are many ways to decrease the price of an inground pool, but none has the effect of the most evident approach – doing it on your own. The majority of householders would never dream of carrying out such a big project, but for those who have expertise, skills and time, doing a part or

How to choose the best pool heater?

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Heating your pool is the most effective way to make the water more comfortable and prolong the bathing season. Maintaining a warm temperature inside your pool isn’t cheap; however, with a bit of planning and good sense, you can significantly decrease energy expenses. How to choose the best pool heater? While choosing pool heaters for

Prefabricated Pools

Prefabricated Pools

We all know that pool installation is a burdensome project that takes hundreds of working hours and puts your backyard offside for many months. Or maybe not. Constructing a prefabricated pools isn’t as complex as constructing one in situ. No matter if you’re going to do it with your own hands or just do it quicker,

Natural pool designs

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The average inground pool is not similar to a natural water body. Apart from the strikingly blue chlorine water, it has an unnatural shape. And surely, the area surrounding a traditional pool is usually gunite decking or uniform tile. There’s nothing wrong with a pool like this – actually, it’s what many householders look for.

Pool safety equipment

Pool security equipment

A rate from your local pool builder may include a lot of various charges that go into installing an inground pool, but you may be surprised to find out what it doesn’t involve. Although they are not technically part of the price of swimming pool installation, security installations are a must – and in the

Main information about pool decks for inground pools

pool decks for inground pools

If your new inground pool is going to be a piece of art, it’s will require a high-quality frame. A pool deck fulfills the task of framing your pool by complementing its look, at the same time offering a functional space for persons to walk and lay in the sun. Pool decks for inground pools

The cost of above ground pool

The cost of above ground pool

Above ground pools have many advantages over inground models; however, the most pool owners are interested in is price. As well as with inground pools, above ground pool costs differ greatly. Nevertheless, since there are fewer regional disparities and installation is way easier, the price of an above ground option is much more predictable. The cost