How to find the best inground pool builder?

How to find the best inground pool builder

Hiring the proper contractor is the most important part of building a pool. As soon as you’ve got an understanding of what your new pool should look like, the next stage is to begin the search for a reputable builder. But how to understand who can be trusted? The most efficient way to assess best

Cost-effective fiberglass pools: easy ways to save

Cost-effective fiberglass pools

A fiberglass pool has many benefits over other kids of pools. However, this doesn’t apply to the price. Pools made of this material are really safe and algae resistant, which will help you save a lot in the long run. However, if your goal is to find the cheapest option possible, you will definitely be

3 Best inground pool designs

The plunge pool

Probably, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best pool design is the typical rectangular-shaped pool with a concrete liner. But the thing is, the number of available best inground pool designs is actually endless, and householders are increasingly preferring unusual layouts for saving space or highlighting the beauty of their

Pool slides: security above all

pool slides cost

Once upon a time, a springboard was actually the most unusual feature one could add to an inground pool. However, today, pool owners have a huge variety of options to select from – including lots that used to be reserved for aquatic parks and resorts. For example, inground pool slides that were once uncommon but are becoming more

Pool floats for children

Pool floats for children

As a rule, a pool is enough to keep children entertained, but there can’t be too much excitement, right? Inflatable pool floats for children are not only a lot of fun; they also help protect the kids safe when they learn to swim. If you see a pool float as a plain hoop shaped flotation device, you’ll be surprised at

Fiberglass lap pools

fiberglass lap pools cost

Lap pools are very popular among the homeowners who wish to enjoy the health benefits of swimming right in their personal backyard. Fiberglass pools represent an excellent option for those who seek to avoid the maintenance issues of vinyl or gunite. Luckily, both of these emerging trends aren’t mutually exclusive. Fiberglass lap pools provide you with the workouts of your dream without the

Best handheld pool vacuums, automatic pool cleaners

handheld pool vacuums

Automatic pool cleaners are very popular today, but there are still some cases where a handheld pool vacuum is the perfect choice. For instance, almost all robotic cleaners can’t manage kiddie pools and spas, while some of them don’t cover the whole (especially if it is irregularly shaped or has unusual additional functions). When your pool requires increased attention, a handheld

Guidelines on the pool chemicals

pool chemicals testing

Undoubtedly, pool chemistry is one of the most difficult aspects of pool ownership. Pool experts like the fact that there is such a huge variety of pool chemicals with frightening scientific names, for example, potassium peroxymonosulfate. It allows them to sell you on the costly services you could otherwise do yourself. Actually, pool maintenance isn’t too difficult. There are a few simple facts

Installation of inground pools in Michigan

best inground pool in michigan

Michigan has one of the lowest mean temperatures in the United States, but this doesn’t stop lots of state residents from enjoying inground pools in summer. As well as with other states with cold climates, a core issue in determining whether to install a backyard pool in Michigan is whether it’s worth it considering the comparatively brief swimming season.

Installation of inground pools in Wisconsin

inground pool installers in wisconsin

Wisconsin has lots of summer hot spots, such as the well-known Wisconsin Dells. Nevertheless, residents of this state have another option for summer entertainment that’s closer to their properties – an inground pool. However, are inground pools really worth the price in one of the coolest states in the US? Keep reading and make your own decision.

Installation of inground pools in Massachusetts

inground pools in Massachusetts

It is safe to say that Massachusetts has many pools. Local summers are stuffy, especially in Boston and other metropolitan areas, which makes a chilly dip particularly welcome. Installation of inground pools in Massachusetts. Bathing season Although definitely not as long as the bathing season in southern regions, Massachusetts residents can usually expect to keep their pool open from Memorial Day to