Pools ideas Articles How do I winterize my pool waterfall?

How do I winterize my pool waterfall?

pool covers for winter

Preparation of the fountain for winter should begin even before the onset of the first frost. Already in the second half of autumn, it is recommended to cover it with a net to prevent leaves from getting in, which will begin to rot at the bottom. When at night the air temperature begins to drop below zero, the grid must be removed, as it can freeze to the surface of the reservoir and break.

An integral step in preparing the fountain for winter is cleaning its bottom. If it is neglected, the debris that has fallen to the bottom will rot and form poisonous gases. This procedure can be carried out both manually and with the help of a special vacuum cleaner.

Summer equipment from an artificial reservoir for the winter must be removed, the injection pumps should be turned off and disconnected from the filters. This should be done already when the air temperature drops to +5 degrees. Filters and UV blocks should be thoroughly dried and packaged to prevent moisture penetration. It is recommended to wash the filter media with a mild saline solution. The pump must be cleaned and stored in a bucket of water where there is no chance of freezing. Underwater lights, hoses and nozzles for fountains must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and lime, and then left indoors for the winter.

If you have a plastic fountain bowl, it needs to be protected from ice. To do this, sand-filled plastic bottles, logs or rubber balls are placed there, which play the role of compensators.

pool covers for winter


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