Pools ideas Articles Fiberglass pools are gaining more and more popularity in the world every year

Fiberglass pools are gaining more and more popularity in the world every year

fiberglass swimming pools

Fiberglass pools are gaining more and more popularity in the world every year. Such products have a number of advantages – aesthetic appearance, smooth and solid surface, and durability.

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Why install a fiberglass pool

The popularity of this type of construction is by no means accidental. They have valuable benefits.


According to this indicator, fiberglass is more than 15 times superior to concrete. An important advantage of the material is the minimum coefficient of linear expansion. As a result, it allows you to get excellent flexibility and ductility. The product has a monolithic design, which is devoid of any joints. The bowl successfully transfers a load of several tons, so heaving the soil will not be a problem for them. Fiberglass pools are also not afraid of exposure to chemicals and sunlight.

Minimum thermal conductivity.

Structures of this type retain heat for a long time, which can significantly reduce energy costs for heating the liquid.


The design undergoes special treatment, so all kinds of bacteria and fungi do not settle on the surface. As a result, the safety of operation is increased, as well as the cost of disinfection is reduced. The water is protected from harmful substances.

High security.

Thanks to the smooth surface of the bowl, the possibility of scratches and cuts is completely eliminated. Those who bathe in pools with rigid walls are not immune from them.

Additional features.

Fiberglass structures allow the installation of various equipment. With it, you can organize waterfalls, slides, heat water, and much more.

Huge selection of models. The market offers pools of the widest range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Thanks to this, there will be no problems in creating a harmonious exterior.

fiberglass swimming pools

The cost and purchase of a fiberglass pool

Even though this pool is not as expensive as, for example, a concrete pool, it is not the cheapest pool on the market. If your pool has any extra features or upgrades, the cost tends to increase. However, vinyl-lined pools are much cheaper.

Fiberglass pools have been used for a long time. The durability, low maintenance, affordability, and robustness of this type of pool are a testament to its reliability. A fiberglass pool can be used in both commercial projects and private homes.

Consumers have the opportunity to buy high-quality fiberglass pools with delivery at the best prices. The choice is represented by models equipped with safe sides, having different lengths and shapes (square, rectangular, round, trapezoidal, angular), built-in steps, and seats, with a smooth bottom slope and the same depth around the entire perimeter. The design of branded products provides for external waterproofing, which provides reliable protection against the negative effects of groundwater.

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