How long do you need to build a pool?

How long do you need to build a pool

Of course, every would-be pool owner dreams of swimming in his/her new pool as early as possible (while his/her side yard must be a building site for the shortest time possible). So, the question is: how long do you need to build a pool? Your pool constructor is the right person to respond to that

How to organize a pool party?

how to organize a pool party

One of the main benefits of having a personal pool is inviting your family and friends. Eventually, swimming is more entertaining when you share it with other people. In addition, taking into account how much you’re spending on a new pool, it would be a pity to keep this to yourself. How to organize a

Main things you should know about pool security laws

pool security laws

No matter if you’re seriously considering a purchase of new pool or just starting to think about it, you’ll inevitably face some gloomy statistic sooner or later. pool security laws At one point, but sooner or later, the problem of pool safety becomes untenable to ignore. Why? Since in most places, it’s a question of

Do you really have to hire a pool expert?

hire a pool expert

Raking leaves, checking out the water balance, removing dirt from pool walls… Not many people think about these obligations when they’re considering a purchase of a new pool. However, such exhausting tasks are also a part of pool ownership, just like all the entertainments you’re waiting for. Why you should hire a pool expert. It’s

Tropical pool designs: how to create an oasis at home?

Tropical pool designs

There are many reasons to purchase a pool, but for most landlords, it’s all about owning a tiny piece of paradise in your backyard. Eventually, who wouldn’t want to be have a personal oasis right at the backyard? Tropical pool designs. In short, that’s why most of would-be pool owners favor tropical pool designs. A

How to make your swimming pool really eco-friendly?

eco friendly swimming pool

When you imagine eco friendly swimming pool, you definitely think of algae issues and insanitary conditions. However, there are cases when having a green water in pool is a good sign (and even beneficial for the environment). Whether a traditional pool can be really environmentally friendly is a controversial issue. The hard truth about pools

How to understand that you’re ready to get a pool?

Questions of whether buying a pool

Actually, it comes down to whether the benefits of having a personal pool are worth the expenditure and obligations. Surely, persons differ in how they see the benefits and drawbacks of having a pool. As a consequence, there’s no universal response to this difficult questions of whether buying a pool is a great idea. Questions

Should you buy a sun shelf?

Should you buy a sun shelf

Some swimming pool tendencies disappear after several years, while others are so attractive that they turn into a pillar in the backyard pool design. Time will show, but the sun shelf seems fall within the “mainstay” category. Baja shelf is also referred to as tanning shelf, tanning ledge, etc. Regardless of the name, this is

Small pools for small yards. Spools for small yards.

small pools for small yards

There are many reasons to select a smaller pool, but limited space is the most important of them. If you can’t boast of a great yard, it creates restrictions on the dimensions of the pool you can set up. However, it doesn’t have to restrict the awesomeness of your pool. With a bit of imagination

How to shade a pool. The best ideas for shading your pool

shade a pool

How good it is to plunge into the cool pool water on a summer weekend. Unluckily, without shade, even a private pool might not provide significant relief on the hottest days. How to shade a pool. Super-hot pool decks can make your pool much less attractive. However, there’s also the problem of UV-irradiation. Eventually, sunscreen

Size and price of a lap pool

lap pool

For most persons, pools are primarily for recreation – laying in the sun by the pool, playing with children and amusing your family and friends. However, for the rest, pools are actually for swimming. If you’re going to use the pool for its designated purpose, you will be happy to have your own lap pool