How do you get rid of heavy calcium deposits?

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For your artificial pool to be enjoyable and not a source of bacteria, it is worth doing a thorough cleaning of your pool water regularly. As soon as the water gets an unpleasant, repulsive smell and becomes dirty, you need to act. Here is information on how to clean without draining, how to get your

Does a pool waterfall need its own pump?

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The number of pumping devices to pump fluid in a pool depends primarily on how much water is available and how complex the pool system is. It also affects whether there are special areas. We are talking about fountains, SPAs, whirlpools, sports areas, and attractions. Each of the above devices has its special features. Pumps

How do you get rid of water without a pump?

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Place one end of the water hose in the pool. Lower it down so that it is near the bottom of the pool. Bring the other end of the hose to where you want to drain the water. You can use more than one hose if you want to drain the pool faster. Siphon the

How do you install a pool fountain?

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Fountain equipment can easily make any pool, artificial pond, or reservoir truly unique. Fountains not only perform a decorative function, but they help to significantly improve the microclimate and give a lot of positive emotions to visitors not only in the pool but also in the mass public recreation areas. This kind of attraction is

How can I make my pool cooler?

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Swimming pools are a cool and refreshing way to beat the heat on hot summer days. There’s nothing better on a hot day than jumping into the cool and rejuvenating water of your backyard pool. An evaporative pool cooler is a powerful way to cool your pool quickly. It’s like an air conditioner for your

Does white vinegar get rid of algae?

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Hard water stains are caused by the minerals (calcium) in the water. When the water evaporates, the minerals remain, leaving a white residue on the glass. The same mineral deposits can also coat non-immersed filtration equipment. Vinegar can get rid of these stains quickly and easily. Use a light solution of plain food-grade white vinegar

How do you install a waterfall pool fountain?

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Start by installing a transformer for your fountain. The low-voltage transformer needed to power the pump should be installed inside a dry room where it can be plugged into an outlet. But since the low-voltage cables to power the pumps are usually 6-9 m long, they have to be extended. Only a waterproof connector should

How do you keep algae free in a fountain?

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Algae often irritate water fountain owners. Depending on the environmental conditions, algae may re-grow every few weeks even though they are constantly being treated. In addition to not adding to the beauty of the fountain, algae can also interfere with its operation. And while there is no foolproof way to get rid of algae in

How long do fountain pumps last?

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One of the most common types of decoration in the countryside is a fountain. Firstly, unlike a swimming pool, it does not take up much space. Secondly, the huge variety of these designs provides room for all kinds of design decisions. Regardless of what model is installed on the site, the main element of the

How do I clean my pool waterfall?

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Proper care of the pool, regardless of its design (inflatable, frame, concrete) – is the main condition for comfortable swimming for users. Clean water will keep the materials of the bowl longer and reduce the wear and tear of the equipment. The first signal that the cleaning is not done correctly is a change in

Does a fountain cool a pool?

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Natural cooling. Refers to the use of natural sources of cold, in which the temperature is lower or equal to the necessary. Typically, this is the use of nearby bodies of water. However, there are also systems that cool by distributing excess heat in the ground. During the cold season, it is also possible to

How long do water fountains last?

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How long will it last depending on the design? The metal frame of the fountains is designed to withstand the stresses and the heavy weight of a filled pool. Modern constructions have corrosion-resistant processing of metal elements, which allows considerably increases the lifetime of the frame pool. They can be seasonal, that is, for use