How do I drain water from my pond without a pump?

If there is no drainage and no drainage system, you have to find other ways to drain the water. This is particularly problematic if you have to drain the pond without a pump. There are several methods, including the Archimedean screw and the Montgolfier ram, but the simplest and most effective is the so-called mechanical option. By applying pressure to the handle, the mechanical valve creates a suction effect, which in turn draws the liquid from the bottom of the source. The implementation of the pumping procedure is greatly simplified in the presence of a pump, but even in its absence, it is possible to remove the water quickly and efficiently enough.

How can I pump water from my pond without electricity?

The modern industry offers designs of irrigation pumps work regardless of the presence of mains electricity in the dacha area. The first group of pumps includes units that operate on 12-volt DC power. Such units can be powered by a car battery. Motor pumps, i.e., units with gasoline engines. All of them are surface, centrifugal type. All have their pros and cons. What exactly to use – you decide. You might even choose to use a regular lever-operated hand pump.

Can you use a pool pump for a fountain?

You can use the same pump for a fountain to create a waterfall. However, if you plan to arrange a water cascade on a pond or artificial pond, you should choose a device capable of pumping dirty water with particles of garbage and soil. The power of the unit is calculated based on the desired height and width of the flow. The general rule: a pump for a decorative fountain should give out a small volume at high pressure, and a unit for a waterfall – a large volume at low pressure. That means if you want to use one device for two structures, be sure to clarify whether it can give two different pressures and volumes at once.

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