How do I drain water from my pond without a pump?

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If there is no drainage and no drainage system, you have to find other ways to drain the water. This is particularly problematic if you have to drain the pond without a pump. There are several methods, including the Archimedean screw and the Montgolfier ram, but the simplest and most effective is the so-called mechanical

Does a pool waterfall need its own pump?

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The number of pumping devices to pump fluid in a pool depends primarily on how much water is available and how complex the pool system is. It also affects whether there are special areas. We are talking about fountains, SPAs, whirlpools, sports areas, and attractions. Each of the above devices has its special features. Pumps

How do you get rid of water without a pump?

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Place one end of the water hose in the pool. Lower it down so that it is near the bottom of the pool. Bring the other end of the hose to where you want to drain the water. You can use more than one hose if you want to drain the pool faster. Siphon the

How long do fountain pumps last?

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One of the most common types of decoration in the countryside is a fountain. Firstly, unlike a swimming pool, it does not take up much space. Secondly, the huge variety of these designs provides room for all kinds of design decisions. Regardless of what model is installed on the site, the main element of the

How long does a fountain pump last?

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Pumps and kits are mainly used for outdoor ponds, garden fountains and waterfalls, for indoor fountains. Fountain pumps that are outdoors are equipped with filters. Without them, the pond will quickly become dirty and begin to give off an unpleasant odor. Above all, if you keep your fountains on all the time, it prolongs the

Is it OK to run pool pump 24 hours a day?

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The pump doesn’t have to be on for 24 hours, but how long does a swimming pool need? As with all other equipment in your pool, the answer may depend on a number of factors such as the size of your pool, the capacity of your pump, how often the pool is used, and how

Is it better to run pool pump at night?

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It is generally accepted that a pool pump should run eight hours a day. However, it is more important that all of your water is properly treated, and this is where you need to consider water turnover. The pump can run at night without any problems, and this is especially good for the durability of

Should I turn off pool pump when raining?

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Only if your pool pump manufacturer has stated that your pump is rain safe. You can leave it on when it rains for hours or 24 hours, it’s unlikely anything will happen to the equipment if it has excellent waterproofing. However, during a thunderstorm, it is highly recommended that you turn off your pool pump

Solar pool pumps: varieties, prices and savings

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If you’re a solar power enthusiast, a pool provides unique opportunities to pursue your passion. Most pool owners are already utilizing solar cells, covers and heating systems – and not only for their wow factor, but because they provide great savings. Although it is not very practical, a solar pool pumps is another option for

Variable speed pool pumps: what do they represent?

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Installation of a pool includes many difficult decisions, so it’s always pleasant to find a piece of cake. Choosing between various kinds of pool pumps is one of such simple choices. While single speed pumps were popular for decades, variable speed pool pumps are definitely the best option today because of their huge benefit in

Pool pumps for private pools

Pool pumps for private pools

Pool pumps. If you’re a fortunate possessor of the private pool, you certainly know that the water must constantly circulate inside it. Dirty and chlorinated water must be pumped out, while the clear one must be injected. These functions are performed by special pumps, constantly supplying water to the pools. Before buying the pool pump