Solar pool pumps: varieties, prices and savings

Solar pool pumps

If you’re a solar power enthusiast, a pool provides unique opportunities to pursue your passion. Most pool owners are already utilizing solar cells, covers and heating systems – and not only for their wow factor, but because they provide great savings. Although it is not very practical, a solar pool pumps is another option for

Variable speed pool pumps: what do they represent?

variable speed pool pumps

Installation of a pool includes many difficult decisions, so it’s always pleasant to find a piece of cake. Choosing between various kinds of pool pumps is one of such simple choices. While single speed pumps were popular for decades, variable speed pool pumps are definitely the best option today because of their huge benefit in

Pool pumps for private pools

Pool pumps for private pools

Pool pumps. If you’re a fortunate possessor of the private pool, you certainly know that the water must constantly circulate inside it. Dirty and chlorinated water must be pumped out, while the clear one must be injected. These functions are performed by special pumps, constantly supplying water to the pools. Before buying the pool pump