How to shade a pool. The best ideas for shading your pool

How good it is to plunge into the cool pool water on a summer weekend. Unluckily, without shade, even a private pool might not provide significant relief on the hottest days. How to shade a pool.

Super-hot pool decks can make your pool much less attractive. However, there’s also the problem of UV-irradiation. Eventually, sunscreen is not effective enough, particularly if you or your children spend a lot of time next to the pool.

The good thing is, there is a huge variety of options for shading your pool and backyard. Even better, lots of the options are cost-effective and can be done with your own hands. Below you can find some of best pool shade ideas to help you defend the pool from the sun.

1. Shade trees

Trees are excellent for creating shade around the pool. The major drawback is that it can take a lot of time for shade trees to reach their normal size. Moreover, there are several widespread issues that result from planting trees very close to the swimming pool, for example:

  • Excessive shade over the pool when the tree grows to its full size
  • Leaves falling into the pool
  • The roots of the trees destroying the pool structure

Prior to growing shade trees, try to imagine how much they’re going to grow, and then try to save your space. Even if you’re going to plant the trees on your own, you’d better contact a landscaping professional and your pool constructor (if necessary) to ensure that you’re not doing something that will give rise to difficulties in the long run.

2. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a commonplace in the backyards, and not without reason. They provide a simple, cheap and versatile solution to the issue of excessive sun exposure.

Good old stand-alone umbrellas are the most common option, creating shade wherever necessary. Offset models can be placed next to the pool to throw shade over the water on the hottest afternoons, while in-pool umbrellas are situated in the pool itself.

Umbrellas come in different shapes and colors. Their sleeves can be embedded in the pool area; another option is to use freestanding bases. If you prefer doing everything yourself, it is possible to build your own cool umbrella stand with the help of YouTube tutorials.

3. Shade sails

If you need an elegant (and at the same time inexpensive) option for shading your pool environment, then you might want to take a look at shade sails. Shade sails attach to polls fixed in your backyard, stretching across areas that require protection from the sunrays. They are available in different colors, and with their acute angles, add a bright touch to any pool environment.

Shade sails usually don’t offer complete shade, which could be good or bad based on your requirements. Nowadays, they’re equipped with UV inhibitors, which offers you extra protection from the sun.

A drawback of shade sails is that they’re sensitive to wind. If you’re considering this option, think of a setup that permits you to quickly get them off in case of a storm.

4. Pergolas and cantilevers

The best way to add shade to an open area is to cover it with a roof. Open-air structures are available in various forms, which offers you lots of options for covering your swimming pool or backyard. Based on how sophisticated you wish to get (and how much money you’re ready to spend), you can think of anything from an ordinary canopy to a separate screened room.

Pergolas, as well as any other shade structure can offer partial or full shade, based on what you’re searching for.

An important benefit of such structures is that they can offer just as much shade as you wish. If you require total shade, make the roof solid and non-transparent. If you wish an incomplete shade, opt for lattice or a material that lets some light in. Even better, take a look at a retractable roof or shades for greatest flexibility.

5. Best pool location

Of course, if you already own a backyard pool, the train has left. However, if you’re only considering a pool, the selected location is the perfect way to control the amount of shade your pool environment gets.

To provide maximum shade over your pool, just note where the sun lands during the times of day that you’re going to swim. Remember that the angle of the sun changes in different seasons. Another factor that could affect your planning is a fencing, new landscape design, or anything else you’re going to add during the pool installation.

Part of your planning could involve the above-mentioned pool shade ideas. For instance, if you have mature trees, you might benefit from them to cover one side of your pool deck. Another option is to plan your pool near the house so you can easily extend a canopy from your roofline.





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