How to ensure the privacy of your pool. Pool privacy fence

It is possible that your neighbor’s room window faces your home. Or maybe a part of your backyard can be seen from a crowded street. The point is, it doesn’t mean that someone is really watching you, but the sense that someone could be can prevent you from enjoying your staycation. Pool privacy fence.

That’s the problem many landlords face. However, if you own a pool, it’s a significant problem. Firstly, privacy is more important for pool owners since they usually spend more time in their side yards than most people. Moreover, even if you don’t have especially curious neighbors, the view of a pool tends to attract attention.

How do I get privacy around my pool?

Luckily, there are many ways to turn your pool into the oasis of privacy it was supposed to be. We’re happy to inform you that they are usually not very expensive (particularly as regards installation or repairs). Below you can find a review of the top pool privacy ideas that you can combine to meet your requirements:

Pool safety fence

In the majority of regions, it is obligatory to set up a pool safety fence, which can also serve as a privacy fence. This involves using sheeting, wood or another hard material, and probably increasing the height of the fence to close the view from adjacent houses. Remember that just as there is probably a minimum height (usually 4 feet) necessary for a pool safety fence in your region, there may be also a maximum height (usually 6 feet) permitted for privacy fencing. What we want to say is that, on most occasions, only fencing can’t address the issue.

Privacy screens

Open privacy screens are available in all sorts of shapes, from major options you can find at the closest home improvement shop to develop custom creations. Their common feature is that they can be quite efficient at blocking the view, offering immediate privacy for the pool owners. Since they are available in such a huge variety of styles, privacy screens can blend perfectly with almost any pool environment. Due to their flexibility, accessibility and mobility, they provide an easy solution to most privacy problems.

Canopies and umbrellas

The instruments you employ for sun protection can also be used for blocking the sight of viewers. Umbrellas and sail canopies are great for both the backyard and the pool itself. If you’re considering a sun shelf, think of fitting it with an umbrella sleeve or a few of them so you can lounge out of the public eye.

Shade trees and plants

Such columnar evergreens as Leyland Cypresses grow very fast and can create an efficient privacy screen along the perimeter of your house. Another option is to grow plants of different sizes around the pool environment, creating a feeling of tropical island. Even pot plants can add privacy, at the same time improving the appearance of your pool deck.

Water features

Privacy isn’t limited to appearance; it also includes sound. If you don’t want that your neighbors listen to your conversations, think of a waterfall or something else that numbs voices. Water features are expensive to set up or maintain, but they’re excellent for privacy.

A personal

Well, what’s the optimal pool privacy option? That’s not an easy question, since it depends largely on the planning of your pool environment, your financial position, etc. Eventually, you may have to use a few of the above options to really get rid of the feeling of being watched.

We should also note that privacy – although it is significant for pool owners – should be weighed against other priorities. Most of the privacy options that make it more difficult for other persons to see your pool can also make it more difficult for you to see your own pool. This could be an issue if you have kids who require continuous vigilance around the pool, or if you just wish to marvel at the beauty of your pool as long as possible when you’re at home.

In general, the fact that there is such a huge variety of privacy options is a great thing, even if it can seem a bit too much. It makes it much easier for you to find the optimal privacy solution for your swimming pool.