Amazing pool design ideas

People have enjoyed pools for thousands of years. So, how did an ancient swimming party look like? Perhaps, almost like today – swimming, laying in the sun, diving, etc. Amazing pool design ideas.

However, although the principles of using a pool haven’t changed significantly for years, almost everything else has. Pool design is continuously changing depending on new techniques, enhanced construction techniques, and changes in consumer behavior. Lately, most pool design tendencies are caused by the long aspiration for extra luxury and less maintenance.

Surely, if you’re considering a pool that will endure for many years, you should always be on the lookout for fleeting fads. However, many developing pool functions are so smart, comfortable and cute, that they have come to stay. Below you can find five pool design ideas to consider.

1. Infinity edges

They are also referred to as negative edge pools.

A vanishing edge is formed by cutting the pool wall on one side and permitting water to spill into a catch basin below. This is a costly installation, and (to be honest) a meaningless one if you can’t boast of a great view from your side yard. However, if you have enough money and a picturesque place, you can afford such luxury.

2. Natural pool design ideas

We don’t mean just adding a few boulders to your pool deck. This is about completely sustainable and chemical-free natural pools.

Natural pools use an ecosystem of water plants to maintain the water clean, obviating the need for any chemicals. Such pools can take almost any shape, from a traditional design to a cozy small swimming hole that fits ideally into the environment. The good thing is, natural pools are not very expensive to install – actually, they are usually more affordable than conventional models.

3. Smaller pool design ideas

If you believe you require a large yard to place a pool, it’s not true. For example, spools, swim spas and other small designs are very popular nowadays. Apart from saving space, but they’re usually less expensive to set up and maintain.

If you have a small pool, you can’t play volleyball. However, it is still possible to relax next to the water, take the plunge, play with children and have fun (even without sacrificing a large part of your property).

4. Alternative sewage systems

Chlorine is not loved, in spite its proven efficiency at destroying pets in pool water. The wish to get rid of chlorine has caused the popularity of saltwater systems, which are occasionally sold as “chemical-free.” Nevertheless, such systems actually only offer another mechanism (saltwater chlorination) for adding chlorine to the water.

For really chemical-free drainage, many landlords are currently switching to ozone and UV systems. Unluckily, such systems don’t fully remove the need for chlorine. However, they really can decrease chlorine use by approximately 50%.

5. Outdoor living

If you have a pool, your backyard is the perfect place. The main idea is to construct around the pool, establishing an environment permitting you to enjoy it to the fullest. Below you can find some conventionally indoor facilities that are excellent to have in the open air next to the pool:

  • Kitchen area
  • Minibar
  • Convenient furnishings
  • Bathroom
  • Stereo system

Of course, installing all these features would be very expensive. Luckily, such things can be easily integrated later, after the pool is installed and your financial position have improved.

Those were only a few of the best pool design ideas. This list is far from complete. The sky is the limit!





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