A review of the most popular pool shapes

Pools can take virtually any form – that’s the main benefit of the pool design. Nevertheless, it can also represent a two-edged sword for indecisive persons. With an infinite variety of pool forms to select from, how to understand which one is perfect for you? What is the most popular pool shapes?

Well, you can begin with taking a look at the most popular options. Although swimming pools can take virtually any shape, most of them fall into a small group of wider categories. These widespread pool shapes are considered the most appealing, functional, and cost-efficient.

Below you can find a small review of the most popular inground pool shapes that you can see almost everywhere in the world. Find one that suits your property and tastes.

Most popular pool shapes to choose from:

  1. Rectangular

As is known, rectangular pools are definitely the most popular. This may be related to the fact that this shape is suitable for almost any activities (for instance, swimming in circles, physical activity, relaxing, etc.) Although it is not as universal as the usual rectangular pool, square pools are a suitable alternative for a spool.

Rectangular pools are available in many different sizes, but they are usually twice as long as they are wide.

  1. Oval

Oval pools have almost the same benefits as rectangular models; however, most customers consider the circular shape as more attractive or matching the surroundings. Rounded swimming pools are a space-saving alternative to them, and work great as small pools or inground children’s pools.

Oval pools provide classy design, but at the same time, they’re very convenient for daily use.

  1. Curved (kidney-shaped) pools

Such pools have a rounded shape, with a small bend, which usually acts as a separation line between the shallow and deep ends. This famous pool form has many benefits, including its vintage style.

  1. Freeform

Such pools are very different; however, all of them have a twisty shape aimed at imitating environmental waters. As a rule, they’re encircled by the dense vegetation and distant from the property in order to create a small oasis. This kind of pool is referred to by various names and has a wide range of subtypes, such as mountain lake style pool and lagoon.

Freeform pools imitate the arbitrary curves you can find in the natural world.

  1. L-Shaped

As well as curved pools, L-shaped models are perfect for splitting a pool into two separate areas. One part of such a pool usually serves as a solarium or stairs, but the options go further than that.

L-shaped pools are split into two sections, which offers numerous design options.

  1. Roman pools

Roman pools add a touch of antiquity to your side yard. Although such pools can include all kinds of decorations, many just associated the well-known “Roman end” with its rounded semi-circle.

  1. Custom

Well, it’s time to come back to the starting point that pools are available in almost any shape you can imagine. So, there are even heart-shaped and guitar-shaped pools. But usually, custom pools are just the options of the above shapes intended to meet the owner’s demands or wishes. The conclusion is that you can give the shape any pool you want, given that you can afford it. popular pool shapes