Pools ideas Articles Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

Main reasons for choosing an L-Shaped Pool

The traditional inground pool has a rectangular shape and is about twice as long as it is wide, and not without reason. It enables various water activities, goes well with most design styles, and delights the eye with its plain, long-standing beauty. L-shaped pool designs.

It is no surprise that as regards pool shape, most clients choose the rectangular form. Nevertheless, for those seeking to make their pool design “curvier”, an L-shaped pool provides some unique benefits. Below are several valid reasons to take a look at such option on the traditional rectangular pool.

  1. Divide and rule

Whether it’s a real L-shaped pool with a 90-degree angle, or a lazy L-shaped pool with a rather gradual bend, such pool form provides you with two clearly delineated areas. The purpose of these areas are is up to you, but usually the two legs of an L-shaped inground pool have various water depths and intended for various activities.

A popular choice is to have a longer leg that acts as an activity area, while a shorter one offers a place for relaxation. The latter can be a sun shelf where you can dip your toes and your kids can play. As you can see, such installation is perfect for a family with kids and people with different tastes.

  1. Locked in appearance

L-shaped pools are usually intended to wrap around the corner of a house or an outdoor building. Such design can make the pool look like an essential part of the property. Moreover, it provides a wider range of viewpoints to and from the pool.

As in the case of kidney shaped pools, the bend of an L shaped pool can also acts as a spot for other things you want to merge with your poolscape (for example, a spa or a bar).

  1. Be original

As we have already mentioned, rectangular pools are very popular. An L-shaped pool is an unusual alternative, which doesn’t go far from the traditional design. If you reside in an region where residential pools are widespread, opting for an L pool can make your house stand out from the rest.

Surely, each pool design has its advantages, and L-shaped pools are not an exception. We should note that such pools are usually more costly than common inground pools. If you’re fond of fiberglass pools, you may have a limited selection of L shaped pool shells. And, most importantly, any non-rectangular shape usually means rejecting an automatic pool cover.

In spite of these disadvantages, the popularity of L-shaped swimming pools seems to be increasing. Although the traditional rectangular pool still prevails, potential pool owners are increasingly preferring innovative structures and feature. L shaped pool gives a new insight into a family pool design.

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