The benefits of natural swimming pools

natural swimming pools
Natural swimming pools use the various combinations of plants and sand filters to keep the water clean. At that, it is possible to avoid using chemicals. The natural swimming pools were developed in Austria and Germany in 1980s, and since then they have gained the popularity all over the world. Such pools can be constructed in different ways: some of them look like natural ponds, while the others resemble the standard pools.

The natural swimming pools are safe-healthy in the absence of chemicals, used for the cleaning of standard pools.

How it works.

There is a special regeneration area in the natural swimming pool. It is the location of special plants, gravel and sand for water filtration.

How they interact.

The size of regeneration area depends on the volume of water, which must be cleaned. The regeneration area is always shallower than the area where we usually swim. The pure water flows slowly from the regeneration area to the bathing area.
Hot-metal-and-slag separator removes the coarse litter, getting to the water surface. The additional equipment, such as UV filters and sand filters for the removal of phosphor, helps to keep the balance in the natural system of the pool.

natural swimming pools

How much space do we need?

The natural swimming pool can have different forms and size. There are no restrictions. Or rather one- it is the amount of money you can spend on the realization of your dream. The relation between the regeneration area and the regeneration area can differ depending on the available space. For example, the rectangular pool can be made in the form of standard pool, and the regeneration area for cleaning with the water circulation can be located underground. In standard design version, the regeneration area adjoins the bathing zone, letting water flow over the edge. Generally, for the proper work of natural swimming pool, the size of these zones must be equal. It promotes the appropriate water cleaning.

How much does it cost?

The cost of building natural and ordinary swimming pool is nearly the same. However, the natural pool is almost twice as expensive as the ordinary one because of the regeneration area. The natural pools don’t require chemicals for the water filtration. It means that every swimming season we save hundreds, if not thousands dollars, as well as innumerable quantity of man-hours, necessary for the chemical water balancing.