Reason for the popularity of small fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are very popular nowadays. Naturally, we are referring to their popularity, and not their size. As soon as you start to shop around, you will understand that fiberglass pools are available in various sizes, while some of them that are really small.

That’s a great news, since a small fiberglass pool is just what many householders are searching for. The market for pools with such specific characteristics is reasonable when you come to think of it. It’s a successful alliance between two main trends in pool design – the growing popularity of fiberglass pools, as well as the growing interest in compact leisure pools.

However, what exactly makes fiberglass pools so attractive? Below are some of the major reasons people prefer them over other kinds of inground pools:

1. Lower price

Clearly, a smaller fiberglass pool shell will cost less than a bigger one, or a concrete installation with a standard size. Nevertheless, there are some money-saving indirect effects of a smaller pool, which may not be evident at first sight. Firstly, delivery of a smaller shell will probably be less expensive, which is a crucial factor given that fiberglass shells are usually delivered undamaged from the vendor. Moreover, as is the case for any other small inground pool, you will probably save on service and many less well-known expenditures associated with pool ownership.

2. Small pools are hot

Small pools intended for relaxing and lounging (also known as plunge pools) are the flavor of the month. Instead of overburdening your backyard, such pools complement it – usually fulfilling decorative and entertaining functions. Although fiberglass pools were once scolded for looking “cheap” the appealing designs available these days are well-suited for this purpose. Thus, a fiberglass plunge pool is a viable solution for most pool owners.

3. Possibility to do it yourself using a fiberglass pool kit

Setting up a pool must always be taken seriously, as there are so many things that can go wrong. And if you want to do it with your own hands, the best way is to install a smaller pool with the help of a fiberglass pool kit. If you’re experience enough to implement the entire project yourself, you can save plenty of cash. If it is not the case, think of performing on a part of the work and outsourcing the rest.

4. Simplicity

As a rule, fiberglass pools are very simple to set up and maintain. The same applies to spools. If you combine them, you’ll get a backyard pool, which:

  • is easy and fast to install, with less risk that something will go wrong
  • needs fewer chemical substances and is easy to maintain
  • is space-efficient
  • can be bought “from the shelf” without infinite decisions about functions

Of course, small fiberglass pools also have drawbacks. For instance, there are a restricted (but constantly increasing) number of pool shells to select from, which could pose a challenge if space is rather limited and you have to cram the pool into a specific spot. However, if your goals and personalization and control, you should opt for a concrete pool.

But for most customers, the thought of a small fiberglass pool is very attractive. It comprises the major benefits of two of the best pool fashion trends. The fact that it makes things easier for house owners is probably the greatest benefit.