Small inground pools: how to size them up?

The major reasons why persons decide to buy small inground pools are price and space. Since the price of such pool mainly depends on its size, small inground pool cost is smaller than that of a large pool. However, even if you can afford a large swimming pool, you may not have enough room in your side yard.

The cost of small inground pool

Small inground pools are usually the least expensive inground pools. This usually means approximately $50.000 for a completely installed pool (sure, the final cost depends on various factors).

Nevertheless, a small pool provides extra benefits that could also decrease the cost. Due to its size, you can install the pool on your own, particularly if you buy a pool kit. However, even if you can’t do the whole work on your own, you will still be able to do a part of the work, and thereby save you a significant sum.

Moreover, keeping a small inground pool is also easier and less expensive. Since less water is necessary, you will spend less on heating and chemical substances. In addition, you will waste less time on pool cleaning.

You will save space

If you can’t boast of a large backyard, small pools are the best solution. Apart from decreasing total expenditure, they are also much easier to install. A small inground pool can be connected to more places smoothly.

The most widespread types of small inground pool designs are swim spas, spools and plunge pools. Such designs offer the complete pool experience at a good price. Moreover, they look amazing.

In addition, we should note that there’s a limit to the space-saving function of such pool. Thud, the majority of would-be pool owners underestimate how much space they require for the pool deck. Remember that even a spool still needs some space and avoid negatively affecting its functionality.

Small inground pools – they are not for everybody

Although saving funds and space are important reasons to choose a small pool, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to sacrifice the size. For instance, too small models may be unsafe – or even illegal for use with a springboard. If you wish to use many extra pool features, you may find it difficult to do so in a small pool. Eventually, if you have a big family or dream of arranging pool parties, a small pool is not the best choice for you.

However, small inground pools are not inferior to larger pools in certain respects, for instance:


If your main purpose is to stay fit, a small pool is suitable for you. Probably, your laps will be shorter, but eventually, the exercise will be not less efficient. If you really lack space and/or fond of water exercise, we recommend you set up water jets, which will help you swim in place. Actually, there’s a lot of workout equipment that works great in a pool of any size.


If you’re going to spend the majority of time relaxing by the pool than bathing in it, a small pool will be just as efficient as a large model. The funds saved on reducing the pool’s size can be invested in a great outdoor furniture, cool pool deck, top-notch landscape design, etc.

You need little water to arrange an attractive relaxation place in your backyard.

Couples without kids.

If only a couple of persons will use the pool regularly, you don’t need a big pool – unless you dream of a springboard or other features that require additional space. But remember that young couples tend to turn into big families!

If you choose small inground pool because of its cost, you should also take a look at other affordable options (for example, above ground pools). Another means for saving without sacrificing size is to opt for vinyl lining instead of the more costly variants (for example, fiberglass). Spools are perfect for most people, but if you only consider it for financial reasons, the result might not meet your expectations (which would be a real waste).




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