Can the prices on inground pools decrease?

As soon as the weather starts to improve, many people start to think about swimming pools. Summer is definitely the busiest period for pool contractors. This begs an obvious question – is it possible to obtain a better offer by waiting? Logically, the cost of inground pools should reduce in the offseason when there’s lower demand for the pool installations and increased competition between pool builders. Can the prices on inground pools decrease?

Well, this is usually the case. However, there are many reasons why waiting to set up a pool during fall or winter might not go exactly as you expect.

The benefits of installing a pool during the offseason

As soon as spring comes, most householders start thinking about home renovation projects. For those who have decided to eventually realize their dream of having a pool, such plans usually include figuring out the price of a new backyard pool by calling the local pool builders. Demand for pool installations keeps growing the summer, when builders are busier than ever.

Compare that to autumn and winter, the “wrong moments” for pool installation. Pool builders generally need to decrease their workforce in this period, since the competition for meagre pool projects becomes aggressive. High competition usually means that contractors are ready to reduce their prices to try to get contracts. You can frequently get the best offers on pool equipment as well, since suppliers seek to clear out their stock.

There are also other benefits of waiting until the offseason. Thanks to a less busy schedule, contractors may treat their work more carefully, instead of rushing to finish the job as soon as possible to start the next project. In addition, you will probably have more time to spend controlling the project – an activity that might be entertaining during the cold months as you expect having your new pool ready for the beginning of June.

Can the prices on inground pools decrease?

However, there are also may reasons not to wait. Thus, inground pool costs might not lower as much as you think. Materials could become more expensive because of inflation, and pool builders might not be as desperate for work. Some contractors may just close up shop or significantly cut their operations during the offseason (in this case, they might consider offseason pool installations an something inconvenient). Others may just be unwilling to lower prices on principle.

There are drawbacks of building a pool in the offseason as well. For instance, in winter, frozen earth can make digging more complicated. If you reside in a place that has chilly winters, you’ll need to contact potential contractors to ensure it’s not an issue.

But probably the largest problem with waiting to set up your pool is that you need to wait. If building a private pool has been your dream for a very long time, waiting for another season only to save a bit may not be the best option. Although waiting to set up your pool might seem like a logical solution, it also suggests less time bathing and having fun in your new pool.