Can the prices on inground pools decrease?

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As soon as the weather starts to improve, many people start to think about swimming pools. Summer is definitely the busiest period for pool contractors. This begs an obvious question – is it possible to obtain a better offer by waiting? Logically, the cost of inground pools should reduce in the offseason when there’s lower

Inground pool quotes

Inground pool quotes

As soon as you’ve decided what type of pool you wish, it’s time to contact some pool contractors to discuss your fee. The inground pool quotes you get from builders include many different objects that probably add up to about $30.000. Nevertheless, things they don’t include could be even more expensive. Inground pool estimates usually

What’s the cost of heating a pool?

cost of heating a pool

If you’re going to turn up the heat in your new pool, you might be shocked when you receive the bill. Pool heaters are excellent for keeping the water warm and prolonging the bathing season, but they are really expensive to work with. What’s the cost of heating a pool? What’s the price? Pool heating

What’s the price of a pool fence?

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It is said that a peace of mind is priceless. Sure, people generally say that when they want to sell you something. And you know what? The object they’re trying to sell you actually has a price – and as a rule, it is more than you’d like to pay. What’s the price of a

What’s the price of filling a pool with water?

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If you’ve never had a pool before, the perspective of filling it with water for the first time may be seen frightening. The majority of us have been learned from an early age not to increase the water bill by taking shower for too long. Based on such circumstance, you might expect to pay A

What’s the price of a spool?

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The pool industry is full of big words, most of them targeted at promoting innovative designs and functions. One of the most popular terms that has been standing out in recent years is the spool. As the name implies, these fashionable pools combine components of a pool and a spa in one neat small package.

How to quickly save for a pool

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You dream of having a pool, but don’t want to take out a huge loan to pay for it. It’s a reasonable position to take considering that pools are luxurious facilities. However, it also poses a challenge, since the price of pool construction is more than most people can afford. Saving up may look like

Is a pool worth the price?

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The benefits of having a pool are obvious. With a personal pool, you can take a dip whenever you wish, swim every day to stay fit, arrange cool pool parties, etc. However, let’s face the truth. You know, having a pool also has many drawbacks, main of which are price and routine maintenance. So, you

Why people are unwilling to get a private pool (apart from price)

Why people are unwilling to get a pool

You’ve always dreamed of having a private pool. So what’s preventing you from doing this? For the majority of people, it’s the price. They are unable to afford the chic pools, pictures of which you can find on Pinterest. Meanwhile, more cost-effective options may not meet their unrealistic expectations. However, price isn’t the only reason visions