How to recognize an incompetent pool builders

While paying a lot of money for an inground pool, you count on getting the best. Unluckily, not every pool construct can meet your expectations. Whether it’s an insufficient experience, lack of competence or just an arrogant behavior, many builders aren’t deserved be trusted with your finances or your house. Incompetent pool builders.

Below you can find a few signs showing that you’ve hired an incompetent pool constructor. Be careful if you see them when you’re still at the assessment phase. There’s nothing worse than understanding you’ve made the wrong decision after signing the contract. Incompetent pool builders.

1. Their references don’t inspire confidence

If a constructor can’t show you any references, that’s a serious warning sign. However, even if he/she can show you of list of ex-clients, search for small details that a builder’s track record might not be at the appropriate level. Are the references new or carefully picked for many years? Do the same persons who made the client satisfied still work for the company? Are you sure that the references are real? The only way to figure it out is to call about the references and ask the questions that interest you.

2. They have pending client complaints

Avoid excluding a builder simply because you find a few client complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. Errors and confusions can occur even to the best builders. But if you find many client complaints, or the constructor can’t explain serious problems, be careful.

3. They push you to make a decision as fast as possible

Aggressive commercial offers demonstrate that the contractor knows you wouldn’t hire him/her if they give you time to think about it. Actually, most of the demanded builders are just being sincere when they say that their schedule is filling up very fast. However, if they’re really so busy and have enough clients, they won’t be pressuring you to make a fast decision.

4. They don’t look like a real business

Unless you want to set up something comparatively simple, such an above ground pool, you must search for a person with all the attributes of a real business. This involves calling cards, means of transport with the company logo, and a physical location. Everyone needs to start somewhere, but it doesn’t have be your pool.

5. They lack the necessary licenses or coverage

Non-compliance with local legislation is not just a bad omen, but a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, you won’t see it unless you make a research yourself. Figure out what the requirements are in your region, and then ask the constructor to provide the evidence of compliance or review open documents to ensure that everything is okay.

6. They tend to skip meetings

Well, if the constructor can’t attend meetings with you when they’re trying to sell you on an costly project, they definitely won’t stick with the plan after you signed the contract? A constructor who is continuously changing schedules or skipping meetings is either overloaded or irresponsible. Anyway, it has a bad impact on their ability to set up your pool.

7. Their cost is too good to be real

If a constructor is ask for a price that’s significantly below the competition, there must be a reason for that. Perhaps, he is competitively inexperienced and needs a chance to show his abilities. However, it may also happen that the builder has a poor reputation, is using low-quality materials, or just isn’t going to fulfill his promises. As you’re installing something that will form a part of your house for many years, it isn’t the best time to look for the cheapest options.

8. They want payment upfront

It’s common for the contractor to ask for a part of the payment in advance in order to cover their costs. However, if they’re asking for a significant sum before the work is finished, that’s a serious wake-up call. Actually, it’s not legal in certain states, such as California. Even if the contractor isn’t a crook, they’re more likely to do good work if the get the largest part of their payment upon completion.

9. They don’t call you back immediately

Communication is essential at the time of pool installation. You need guarantee that the constructor will be in touch when problems emerge. If they’re not answering your calls or messages when you’re at the hiring stage, it’s hardly possible that they’ll respond during a stressful installation process. And don’t count on contacting them months later if you have a question about the new swimming pool. Incompetent pool builders.

10. They create a bad atmosphere

Eventually, you don’t require a good reason not to employ a pool constructor. You’re spending a significant amount and entrusting your backyard in someone else’s hands. If you just don’t feel right about a specific builder, continue searching until you find the person you completely trust.