What’s the price of a pool fence?

It is said that a peace of mind is priceless. Sure, people generally say that when they want to sell you something. And you know what? The object they’re trying to sell you actually has a price – and as a rule, it is more than you’d like to pay. What’s the price of a pool fence?

In the event of pools, the cost of inner peace is about $1.200. This is an approximate price of a mesh pool safety fence intended to keep unattended kids and animals away from the swimming pool.

While the rest of security installations is also essential, a pool fence is the best defensive line against unfortunate incidents. Setting up one is a piece of cake, and in most regions, it’s stipulated by law.

As with the rest of pool features, the actual price of a pool fence can be very different from the average. The reason is that a huge variety of options to select from, involving various dimensions, materials and designs. However, although pool fences are available in many different shapes, most of them have to comply with specific minimum standards.

Pool fence laws

In many states, the law demands pools to be encircled by a fence or other barrier. However, the precise requirements vary depending on the location. Nevertheless, most local authorities have adopted principles posted by The U.S. CPSC).

The specifications above are aimed at preventing a kid from getting over/under the fence to get access to the swimming pool. In accordance with the CPSC, a good safety fence:

  • is about 4 meters tall
  • doesn’t have handles for footholds permitting climbing
  • provides less than 4 cm clearance at the bottom
  • includes a self-locking gate

To figure out what is required by the local law, contact your local Housing Authority. Even if there are no demands for a pool fence, the aforementioned guiding principles are a great point of departure for the persons who decide to install one. Moreover, we should note that such technical requirements may be demanded by your home insurance.

Removable pool fences

To get the most cost-effective and versatile solution, most pool owners opt for specific pool safety fencing. Such mesh fence is attached a pool deck and can be eliminated when the pool isn’t used (given that the local legislation permits it). This kind of fence is developed specifically to respond to the demands of pool security laws in your region

The average price of pool safety is $17-18 per lineal foot, completely installed. For major projects, the price per foot may be reduced. However, in case that the soil slopes or there are fewer possibilities for fixing, the cost can increase.

Another factor to take into account: if you’re going to remove the fence during the offseason, you’ll have to consider the price of a high-quality safety pool cover. Conventional pool covers can’t hold the weight of an individual, which is why aren’t secure enough for this goal.

Other kinds of pool fencing

Although removable mesh fences are quite effective for most pool owners, there are many other options. Other widespread varieties of pool fences are:

  • Bars from aluminum, forged steel or vinyl
  • Glass plates
  • Wooden planks

Every kind of fence has its pros and cons. Everything depends on individual preferences. Do you wish confidentiality or a clear view of the pool? Do you want the fencing to act as a windbreak? Which kind of material is the most suitable for your property and pool? You should answer to these questions before choosing a pool fence.

In comparison with the popular mesh, these kinds of fencing are very different when it concerns the cost. In order to get the exact figure, you should contact the builders in your region.

Pool fences are available in lots of different shapes.

Complementary value factors

Apart from the kind of fence you opt for, there are several other things that can affect the final cost:

  • Updates. If you wish a more qualitative gate, a few gates, a higher fence or more solid materials, it’ll cost you a pretty penny. However, it’s understandable.
  • Alarms. Most of the pool owners have an alarm set up on the fence gate for additional safety. Persons with small kids also must install an alarm on the emergency exit if it leads to the poolscape. Actually, it’s stipulated by law in certain places.
  • Regional disparities. Work and materials are more expensive in certain areas of the country than others. This can significantly affect the price of a new fence.
  • Contractor quotes. We all know that contractors frequently offer very different prices for the same amount of work. Therefore, the best decision is to ask for quotes from different contractors to ensure that you’re not overpaying.
  • Self-installation. The best way to save on a pool fence is to install it with your own hands. If you’re setting up detachable safety fence, you can stick to the step-by-step guidelines offered by the manufacturer. However, the best decision for most pool owners is to hire a licensed builder to carry out this job.