Tropical pool designs: how to create an oasis at home?

There are many reasons to purchase a pool, but for most landlords, it’s all about owning a tiny piece of paradise in your backyard. Eventually, who wouldn’t want to be have a personal oasis right at the backyard? Tropical pool designs.

In short, that’s why most of would-be pool owners favor tropical pool designs. A tropical pool turns lounging in your backyard into an exotic journey. Given that you have a proper layout, landscape design and open-air decoration, you can develop a small paradise that can be visited every time you want a break from your daily life.

There are lots of ways to include a tropical atmosphere in your swimming pool- both simple/inexpensive and sophisticated/costly. Below you can find several ideas to take into account.

Pool features

Luckily, there are lots of other methods of adding a feeling of tropical nature to your pool, such as stone waterfalls and bubblers. The appropriate interior decoration can change the watercolor into bright teal. More expensive variants are sun shelves, infinity edges and beach entries.


Most of tropical pools are meant to remind of lagoons with curvy designs. Previously, this suggested buying a custom pool made of concrete. Nevertheless, nowadays fiberglass pool shells are available in a huge diversity of shapes, so your choice is infinite. The only issue is that freeform pools aren’t as space-saving as geometric models, and don’t fit perfectly into most designs. If you don’t have enough space, a freeform pool might not be a perfect match.

Landscape design

Surely, the pool itself is only one element of your backyard oasis. The environment of the pool does no less to create the tropical feeling you’re looking for. If you reside in a warm region, think of real tropical trees and birds. Anyway, the area must seem luxuriant, with lots of bright plants enclosing the pool and offering a feeling of privacy. Other good options are stones and boulders.


It is easy to find a tropical-themed furnishing for your pool surroundings. Search for furnishings made of rattan or bamboo, with panel materials and pillows including vivid colors and flower ornaments. But first and foremost, make sure to select comfortable furnishings. Eventually, it’s all about having a place for relaxation, at the same time enjoying the incredible views and sounds of own your resort. A hammock could meet all your requirements.


You should place lighting around and in the pool to complement the tropical topic. Tiki torches are a great decoration as well. In addition, think of soft lighting, which underscores the plants and other tropical components of your pool environment. The best way to create an impressive effect inside the pool is to the use the bright colorful LED backlights.

Obviously, it is possible to overdo with a tropical design. Most of the ideas mentioned above can add up thousands to a pool installation or renovation project. Even the smallest functions can significantly increase the cost of the pool when you mix them.

However, the price of an exotic holiday isn’t low either. Having a tropical pool, you don’t need to leave your backyard to get into your paradise.