Luxury pool features in your price range

How do you imagine a luxurious pool? There are divergent views in that regard, but many clients indicate such features as in-ground spas, vanishing edges and stone waterfalls. However, most pool owners can’t afford such functions.

Meanwhile, luxury has nothing to do with the price. It means high quality, convenience, and most importantly, stylishness. Yes, such things usually don’t come cheap, but not in all cases. For example, below are several examples of pool features that only seem costly.

1. Floating decor

If you have a pool, the water is generally the main focus. Therefore, floating decorations look incredible and usually offer a great price/quality ratio. Candles and roses in the water, along with a couple of lanterns will provide a spa-like ambient in your side yard. You can also choose unusual floating chairs, while creating a chic place for relaxation. Such items will help you save money, and at the same time make your pool look luxury.

2. Embedded umbrellas

Umbrellas are attractive and make the pool area cozier by creating shade. In order to preserve the pool, clean without having to deal with anchors, you can add a few umbrella sleeves to your pool deck at a very small price. Other option is to add them to a large step or baja shelf right in the pool. Doesn’t it sound “luxury” to dip your toes in fresh water while chilling out under the shade.

3. Fountains

You should know that some of the pool fountains are really costly, especially when embedded into the pool’s construction. Nevertheless, floating fountains or the ones that are connected to the pool deck are usually cost-effective, but they do create the incredible effect. Moreover, using a fountain at night allows you to cool a pool during summer, which also helps you save money.

4. Fake rock

Rocks represent one of the most important elements of contemporary pool design. Unluckily, natural stones can be too costly to purchase, transfer and install. However, fake rocks can help you achieve a similar appearance. Faux rock has several edges over natural stone, but its smaller price is its bargaining chip.

5. Ornamental plants

If it’s not too expensive for you to employ an experienced landscape architect to work on your pool area, you’ll probably find that it’s worth it. Otherwise, devote some time to choosing the ideal plants to create a luxury staycation spot. You’ll see that the majority of trendy pool designs include several well-placed pot plants, which is very easy to imitate.

To create a resort-like setting, think of plants that evoke images of distant tropical countries. You can create your pool paradise with your own hands.

These are only a few illustrations of cool features that any pool owner can afford. For other ideas, scroll through the images of the top pools and concentrate on the small details, which complete a chic pool design. Such nuances can make your pool look luxury and help you save a lot.





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