The most popular kinds of pool cover

Pool cover is a necessary and useful element of swimming-pool service. Due to its multifunctionality, it can serve summer and winter alike. It doesn’t matter, if your swimming-pool is outdoor or indoor. In any case, it requires a good cover. The most popular kinds of pool cover.

The kinds of cover

Thermal insulation cover represents the dark-blue bubble cover, swimming on the water surface of the pool bowl. In addition to its low cost, it has a lot of important factors. It increases thermal insulation and protects the accommodation of the excess humidity. This covers also preserves the pool from windblown debris. So, buying such cover, you can both save energy on the pool heating and cut costs for ventilation and mechanical water treatment.

The most popular winter pool cover among summer residents is the PVC film. Its advantage is that it provides 100 % water protection from the adverse weather conditions (including the same windblown dust, sand, rubbish, as well as rain, snow and other precipitations). This kind of pool cover is mounted on collapsible frame.

You should also pay attention to the automatic shutter cover. They help to reduce the energy consumption on water heating, to lower the humidity, to minimize the evaporation, to prolong the swimming season and to ensure the safety of your children and pets, whose actions are unpredictable. This kind of cover is refractory to rot and able to endure extreme weather conditions. In addition to the practical advantages, PVC film has many aesthetic merits: it evokes an atmosphere of comfort, harmonizing with the general design and creating the individual style. Its high workability, fast and comfortable mounting opens the great possibilities by the installation.

kinds of cover

pool cover

kinds of pool cover



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