The least expensive way to warm up a pool

Every day of swimming in the warm pool is an excellent day. Controlling the temperature in your pool is a matter of the time of the year, geographical location, and – not to be ignored – individual preference. Surely, it’s also a question of money. As we have already mentioned, the price of heating a

How to choose the optimal winter pool cover?

How to choose the optimal winter pool cover

When buying your first above ground pool, you definitely want to enjoy it all year round. But unfortunately, if you don’t live in a hot region, you’ll have to close it for winter. The smartest pool owners have a plan for winterizing their pool long before winter. A significant element of such plan is a

The most popular kinds of pool cover

popular kinds of pool cover

Pool cover is a necessary and useful element of swimming-pool service. Due to its multifunctionality, it can serve summer and winter alike. It doesn’t matter, if your swimming-pool is outdoor or indoor. In any case, it requires a good cover. The most popular kinds of pool cover. The kinds of cover Thermal insulation cover represents

Pool covers

Pool covers

The best way to maintain the cleanliness and comfort in the pool will be the purchase of pool covers. Manufacturers offer these types of coverings as pavilions for pools, trampoline cover for the pool, solar coating and roll-down coverings, have original look that functionally complement any type of pool. In case you are looking for