Installation of inground pools in Nevada

If your residence feels like a desert, it great to have a private oasis next to your home. With lengthy heat in the majority of the state and almost no precipitation, Nevada is a perfect place to build an inground pool. The price of installing a pool here is probably the only factor that prevents some Nevadans from to taking the decisive step. Inground pools in Nevada.

Bathing season

Nevada is a very big state with a more varied climate than you could imagine. For example, upstate, the winters are quite diverse. Actually, only the densely populated southern regions of Nevada match the stereotype of a blazing hot state. For instance, in Las Vegas, you can perfectly leave your pool open more than half of the year (or even all year round in case you get a pool heater).

Extra features

If you can afford heating the pool, why not use the solar power for this purpose? With excess of sunlight, Nevada offers perfect conditions for a solar water heater. They can be costly to set up (if you don’t do it with your own hands), but if you’re going to heat your water either way, you will save a lot over the long term.

If you’re searching for extra aesthetics, think of the features that match the local landscape. A freeform pool encircled by local plants and stones can look very attractive.

Price of installation

Construction services are far from cheap in Nevada. Therefore, you’ll probably have to pay extra for a time-consuming project like concrete pool installation. However, the pool industry as a whole has been negatively affected by the poor economy, so it is easy to find a real offer anyway. It is possible to save even more by carrying out a part of the work with your own hands or acting as your own main contractor, given that the local pool norms permit it. As usual, you must limit yourself to respectable and trustworthy contractors, even if you can find cheaper deals. inground pools in Nevada.


The main benefit of employing a skilled pool company is that they’re capable of processing all the necessary authorizations, verifications and red tape. In this state, construction permits are administered at the field level, which is why the procedure can differ significantly based on your place of residence. In Clark County, you’ll have to obtain a permit for the swimming pool, as well as special permissions for electrical and plumbing work.

Security laws

Your pool has to correspond to all local laws concerning pool security. These are also different in different places, but the main requirement in the majority of cases is a safety fence with a self-closing gate. In southern parts of the state, such barrier must also prevent access from the house (another option is to install an alarm). A pool company experienced in this field will be able to consult you on what security installations are obligatory in your region. Still, it’s a great idea to find out a little more about it.