Inground pools in Hawaii

Hawaii can boast of the world’s most beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscape. However, most people living there opt for bring paradise closer to the house by setting the pools in their side yards. With a lot of majesty of nature surrounding the island, this might look like too much to some. However, taking into account the comfortable tropical climate, the thought of having a personal pool makes perfect sense for the majority of Hawaiians. Inground pools in Hawaii.

Bathing season

In Hawaii, persons swim all year round, since the daily temperatures are usually about 23 ºC in winter and 32ºC in summer. But that doesn’t mean that the water will comfortable for every person. Specifically, people residing upwind of the islands may want to refuse from bathing during certain seasons. But if you want to swim even during winter, you should set up a pool heater.

Extra features

Not surprisingly, most inground pool owners in Hawaii prefer freeform designs imitating the natural attraction of the islands. Add to it some innovative landscape design and exotic plants, and you own a small resort directly in your side yard.

Although it’s quite expensive, another important element of this kind of pool is a waterfall. If you can afford it, a waterfall adds a dynamic component while integrating smoothly with the naturalistic appearance of a freeform pool. It’s also an excellent thing to have if you enjoy being surrounded by the sound of water.

Installation price

We all know that materials and work are costly in Hawaii, so you will pay more than the national average for pool building. Above ground pools are excellent alternatives to more costly permanent inground pools in Hawaii. You may also be able to save funds by doing a part of the work with your own hands, acting as your own main contractor, or just searching for a cheaper pool constructor. Nevertheless, the best solution for most people is to employ the best pool company they can find. As a rule, it makes things much easier.


One thing the experts are definitely good at is providing guidance in the world of construction permits. There are different requirements in different regions, but you usually need to send an application with a construction plan demonstrating that your new pool complies with all local norms. Honolulu is provided with an online system that facilitates the process a bit, but it is still useful to own a seasoned expert handling this work.

Security legislation

Residential pool security is an issue of local importance, so you’ll have to get in touch with your local building department or count on your pool constructor. Some requirements are so widespread that they could also be a national legislation, and that’s the installation of some sort of fence barrier surrounding the pool. Such barriers usually need to be built so that a small kid can’t go around them and may be required to own a self-blocking gate. Again, your local building department can tell you whether this or other demands are acting where you reside.


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