How do I keep my outdoor fountain water clear?

Dry biopreparations are used when “starting” the fountain, and at replacement of water, with the correct dosage, their action is enough for 3-4 months. Liquid bacteria are added weekly in the first month and then 1-2 times a month to maintain the required number of beneficial bacteria. Biopreparations can also be added directly to the fountain water.

How do I keep my fountain water clean naturally?

Cleaning the pond with a net or netting tool. These tools are the most inexpensive way to clean the surface of the pond. A suction net is best for catching debris from a small pond. And the net will be real salvation during the fall foliage. The net is fixed along the shoreline with pegs just above the surface of the water. It prevents fallen leaves, twigs, and other large debris from getting into the pond. However, neither a net nor a net can clean the pond of smaller pollutants such as pollen, dust, insects, etc.

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