How do I keep my outdoor fountain water clear?

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Dry biopreparations are used when “starting” the fountain, and at replacement of water, with the correct dosage, their action is enough for 3-4 months. Liquid bacteria are added weekly in the first month and then 1-2 times a month to maintain the required number of beneficial bacteria. Biopreparations can also be added directly to the

How do I clean my pool waterfall?

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Proper care of the pool, regardless of its design (inflatable, frame, concrete) – is the main condition for comfortable swimming for users. Clean water will keep the materials of the bowl longer and reduce the wear and tear of the equipment. The first signal that the cleaning is not done correctly is a change in

Do you really have to hire a pool expert?

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Raking leaves, checking out the water balance, removing dirt from pool walls… Not many people think about these obligations when they’re considering a purchase of a new pool. However, such exhausting tasks are also a part of pool ownership, just like all the entertainments you’re waiting for. Why you should hire a pool expert. It’s