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Fiberglass lap pools

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Lap pools are very popular among the homeowners who wish to enjoy the health benefits of swimming right in their personal backyard. Fiberglass pools represent an excellent option for those who seek to avoid the maintenance issues of vinyl or gunite. Luckily, both of these emerging trends aren’t mutually exclusive. Fiberglass lap pools provide you with the workouts of your dream without the addition maintenance you want to avoid.

Of course, fiberglass lap pools are still a kind of an exotic species. However, if you’re ready to carry out further studies, getting a fiberglass lap pool proposes a number of advantages that can’t be found anywhere else. Below you can find some of them:

  • Less maintenance. Fiberglass models are more solid than vinyl and more algae resistant than either concrete. This allows you to save a significant amount on chemical substances and renovation.
  • Smooth surface. It is safe to say that the smooth surface of fiberglass is the best fit for lap swimming. It minimizes the risk of getting injured in the pool.
  • Simple installation. Fiberglass pools are simple to install in comparison with other kinds of pools since the shell is delivered to your doorstep safe and sound, ready to be located in your yard.

It should also be noted that some of the usual advantages of concrete and vinyl over fiberglass are neutralized when talking about lap pools.
For instance:

  • Size limit. Fiberglass pool shells must be shipped safe and sound from the manufacturer over public highways, and this fact limits their size. Considering a lap pool’s prolonged dimensions, this isn’t a real problem.
  • Shape restrictions. Another benefit the other kinds of inground pools over fiberglass is that they can take any shape you wish. In case of fiberglass, the shells are pre-fabricated, so you’re limited to the options available. Still, with the uniform nature of most lap pools, this limitation won’t be much of an issue.

Anyway, if you’re searching for a unique lap pool that serves a twofold purpose, fiberglass is not the best option. Lots of people opt for an “L” shaped lap pool, with a single prolonged stretch for working out and another field for the rest of activities. This and other unusual shapes may be unavailable for a fiberglass shell.

Still, it is always useful to look around. The number of fiberglass swimming pool options is rising every year. A short time ago, fiberglass lap pools were extremely rare. However, today, with the increasing popularity of both fiberglass inserts and exercise pools, a fiberglass lap pool doesn’t look like a sore thumb anymore.

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