The necessary pool care supplies

Pool Cleaning Tools

Any pool requires care and cleaning. So, you must have at least the minimum set of pool care supplies.
Write down or memorize the following information. You must necessarily have: pool net, floating dispensers, thermometers, telescopic rod, pool hose, testers and pool brush cleaner.

And now about everything in greater detail

The brush cleaners, or hand vacuum cleaners, are intended for the cleaning the bottom and the walls of the pool from soiling and allow to make the bathroom cleaning without draining water. The brush cleaners can be sold both separately and in sets. Their safety, outward appearance and functionality meet the highest standards. The hand vacuum cleaner is joint to the hot-metal-and-slag separator with the help of suction hose. So, the soiling is removed from the pool together with the suction water.

The aluminum telescopic rods for brushes with exterior finishing and a handle with fixing elements are chosen according to the size of pool and intended for the comfortable mechanical pool cleaning. If necessary, they’re equipped with nets or cleaner. The telescopic rods can be either 1.2-2.4 m long, with the weight of 1 kg, or 1.8-3.6 m long with the total weight of 3.5 kg.
The nets are intended for the manual pool cleaning, i.e. for the catching of rubbish. There are nets for the surface and for the depth.

They can also differ in size. Pool care supplies.

The hose is intended for joining of hot-metal-and-slag separator with brush. It has a special goffered texture, preventing it from bends and twisting. The standard hose is 11 m long, with the weight of 3.5 kg.

Surely, the thermometers are intended for the measurement of water temperature in the pool. You can be offered to the vertical floating vertical thermometers of different size, the vertical thermometer with visible orange float, and the novelty- the floating thermometer with horizontal dial, allowing to see the thermometer reading without taking it out of the pool.

Testers. The pool gives us the great pleasure. But to be sure of its safe use, you should regularly check the water quality, namely the pH value and the concentration of chlorine or oxygen. For this purpose, you can buy such cheap devices as the indicators for checking and the short-term test. According to the received chemical properties of water, it can become necessary to increase or diminish the pH value.

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