Best handheld pool vacuums, automatic pool cleaners

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Automatic pool cleaners are very popular today, but there are still some cases where a handheld pool vacuum is the perfect choice. For instance, almost all robotic cleaners can’t manage kiddie pools and spas, while some of them don’t cover the whole (especially if it is irregularly shaped or has unusual additional functions). When your pool requires increased attention, a handheld

Guidelines on the pool chemicals

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Undoubtedly, pool chemistry is one of the most difficult aspects of pool ownership. Pool experts like the fact that there is such a huge variety of pool chemicals with frightening scientific names, for example, potassium peroxymonosulfate. It allows them to sell you on the costly services you could otherwise do yourself. Actually, pool maintenance isn’t too difficult. There are a few simple facts

Installation of inground pools in Michigan

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Michigan has one of the lowest mean temperatures in the United States, but this doesn’t stop lots of state residents from enjoying inground pools in summer. As well as with other states with cold climates, a core issue in determining whether to install a backyard pool in Michigan is whether it’s worth it considering the comparatively brief swimming season.

Installation of inground pools in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin has lots of summer hot spots, such as the well-known Wisconsin Dells. Nevertheless, residents of this state have another option for summer entertainment that’s closer to their properties – an inground pool. However, are inground pools really worth the price in one of the coolest states in the US? Keep reading and make your own decision.

Installation of inground pools in Massachusetts

inground pools in Massachusetts

It is safe to say that Massachusetts has many pools. Local summers are stuffy, especially in Boston and other metropolitan areas, which makes a chilly dip particularly welcome. Installation of inground pools in Massachusetts. Bathing season Although definitely not as long as the bathing season in southern regions, Massachusetts residents can usually expect to keep their pool open from Memorial Day to

Installation of inground pools in New York

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There are many entertainments in New York, and inground pools are not an exception. In the densely populated coastal regions, such New York City, pools provide an immense relief from the hot summer afternoons. However, in western towns, such as Buffalo, they’re rather a luxury. Bathing season As well as the majority of northeastern states, New York doesn’t provide many swimming days.

Installation of inground pools in New Jersey

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Lots of residents of New Jersey enjoy the advantages of backyard pools. However, if you’re considering the installation of a new pool in this state, it will cost you a lot. Installation of inground pools in New Jersey. Bathing season As well as the rest of northern states, New Jersey has a brief bathing season. Nevertheless, local pool

Installation of inground pools in Connecticut

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There are lots of summer activities in Connecticut, but many residents prefer “staycation” in their own backyards by means of inground pools. However, is an inground pool actually worth it in this northern state? That’s up to you. Installation of inground pools in Connecticut. Bathing season As with the majority of coastal states, the climate varies

Installation of inground pools in Florida

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Florida has excellent beaches, but many of its residents still prefer building their own inground pools, and it is not surprising, since this is a place where you can enjoy your pool to the fullest. Installation of inground pools in Florida. Bathing season In Florida, the bathing season lasts all year round. This state has the

Installation of inground pools in Pennsylvania

inground pools in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania isn’t famous for summer entertainment, which is the reason why lots of residents choose to make their own using private inground pools. The climate varies significantly in this state, but there are some places where a pool doesn’t enhance summer fun. Installation of inground pools in Pennsylvania. Bathing season As well as the rest

Installation of inground pools in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire includes lots of impressive beaches, and considering the small size of the state, they’re perfectly accessible to the majority of residents. Nevertheless, the most accessible swimming destination is your own backyard; therefore, most people living in New Hampshire install inground pools. Installation of inground pools in New Hampshire. Bathing season Unfortunately, New Hampshire has a