Diving boards or diving rocks for inground pools?

Diving boards or diving rocks

Unfortunately, diving rocks aren’t as widespread as they were before. Once an essential element of backyard pools, they’ve started to fall from grace recently for security concerns and other reasons. Whether you think this poor reputation is justified or not, it’s evident that most inground pool owners are searching for alternatives. Diving boards or diving

Why building a pool after retirement?

Why building a pool after retirement

When is the best time to build a pool? In a foregoing article, we made conclusion that autumn is a good match. However, a good way to answer the question is to take into account what stage of your life is excellent for taking the plunge into pool ownership. Why building a pool after retirement?

The price of winterizing a swimming pool

winterizing a swimming pool

It is always hard to close a pool for winter. Unluckily, it gets even harder as soon as you understand how much you have to pay for winterizing your swimming pool. This could involve the cost of employing an expert who will do it for you, or the use of your time if you decide

Amazing pool design ideas

Amazing pool design ideas

People have enjoyed pools for thousands of years. So, how did an ancient swimming party look like? Perhaps, almost like today – swimming, laying in the sun, diving, etc. Amazing pool design ideas. However, although the principles of using a pool haven’t changed significantly for years, almost everything else has. Pool design is continuously changing

Cool ideas for small pool house

Cool ideas for small pool house

Owning a pool house is reasonable for multiple reasons. It provides a comfortable place for storing pool equipment, a personal space to take on and off swimsuits, and probably even a small relaxation space to hang out in your side yard. Therefore, a pool cabana can be a real home away from home, equipped with

Small inground pools: how to size them up?

small inground fiberglass pools

The major reasons why persons decide to buy small inground pools are price and space. Since the price of such pool mainly depends on its size, small inground pool cost is smaller than that of a large pool. However, even if you can afford a large swimming pool, you may not have enough room in

In-pool umbrella for your pool

shade a pool

There’s nothing better than to swim in the pool on summer weekends. One of the most important things about pool relaxation is the provision of shade. In-pool umbrella for your pool. If you agree with this opinion, you probably realize the attraction of in-pool umbrellas. In contrast to stand-alone umbrellas located on the pool deck,

What is inground pool coping?

pool liners and coping strips

When you begin investigating inground pool coping, you understand that it’s not an easy task. After all, let’s be honest, no one who’s just considering a pool installation is thinking about pool coping. Actually, some potential pool owners don’t even know what pool coping is. Pool coping serves as a practical tool for connecting an

Top solar pool covers

solar swimming pool covers

Heating a pool may be very expensive. Luckily, there are quite a few tricks you can do to decrease heating expenses. The first thing is to buy a solar pool covers. Solar pool covers (also known as solar blankets) impede evaporation and isolate the pool from cold air, at the same time retaining heat from

Infinity edge pools: price is the main drawback

Infinity edge pools

If you want to follow the main trends in pool design, you should consider installing infinity edge pools. Most house owners are ready to pay more to reproduce a vacation experience in their own yard. Infinity edge pools are also referred to as negative edge pools. They have a short wall on one side, which

How to construct the least expensive inground pools?

semi inground pools

Who doesn’t want to save money? However, when it comes to an article of luxury, looking for the lowest price isn’t irrational if it means compromising the quality. How to construct the least expensive inground pools? However, there are legal means to monitor expenditure while still obtaining a first-class addition to your house. The main