Can a pool enhance your property’s value?

Can a pool enhance your property’s value

It’s a great place for visiting, but I don’t want to live here. That’s a great way to explain how most people feel about houses that already have pools. Although you may be jealous of pool owners on sweltering summer days, pools entail maintenance expenses and liability problems that most of us don’t want to

How to save money on pool maintenance?

How to save money on pool maintenance?

As we have already mentioned, the price of pool maintenance can differ significantly based on its dimensions, materials, characteristics and general design. But this is not to say that all of your maintenance costs are static as soon your pool is built. Although these essential factors form the basis of your monthly servicing bill, there

Installation of inground pool in Colorado

inground pools in Colorado

Let us admit, persons don’t visit Colorado for swimming. This state is famous for skiing. But despite this, most residents of Colorado Springs and Denver have revealed that constructing a backyard pool can be a wise investment. Actually, the bathing season represents a great addition to the skiing season for those looking for all-the-year-round nature

What’s the cost of heating a pool?

cost of heating a pool

If you’re going to turn up the heat in your new pool, you might be shocked when you receive the bill. Pool heaters are excellent for keeping the water warm and prolonging the bathing season, but they are really expensive to work with. What’s the cost of heating a pool? What’s the price? Pool heating

Installation of inground pools in Nevada

inground pools in Nevada

If your residence feels like a desert, it great to have a private oasis next to your home. With lengthy heat in the majority of the state and almost no precipitation, Nevada is a perfect place to build an inground pool. The price of installing a pool here is probably the only factor that prevents

Solar pool pumps: varieties, prices and savings

Solar pool pumps

If you’re a solar power enthusiast, a pool provides unique opportunities to pursue your passion. Most pool owners are already utilizing solar cells, covers and heating systems – and not only for their wow factor, but because they provide great savings. Although it is not very practical, a solar pool pumps is another option for

5 unknown advantages of having a private pool

advantages of having a private pool

The benefits of owning a pool are widely known. Regardless of the type, a pool provides a lot of entertainment straight in your side yard. Usually, it enhances your property’s value. And, perhaps foremost, it permits you to get huge health advantages of regular swimming. 5 unknown advantages of having a private pool. Those are

Inground pool installation in New Mexico

inground pool in New Mexico

Obviously, having a personal inground pool in New Mexico has many advantages, since it’s one of the warmest states in the US. Enjoying your pool to the fullest isn’t a problem here. Bathing season Almost throughout New Mexico, the weather is perfect for pool ownership. Local summers are sweltering (the temperature may reach 40°C). Rainy

Automatic pool covers: are they worth the price?

Automatic pool covers

Almost everyone believes that automatic pool covers are amazing. They permit you to cover your pool in a matter of seconds, providing you with security and effectiveness benefits without hindering your pool fun. Of course, they may not be the most beautiful pool feature and they aren’t suitable for any pool shape. However, taking into

Installation of inground pools in Alaska

inground pools in Alaska

Of course, swimming is not a popular outdoor activity in Alaska. It’s hard to justify an enormous cost of inground pool installation in a place with such a cold climate. Installation of inground pools in Alaska. However, hard doesn’t mean infeasible. With the help of proper heating, you can leave a pool open almost throughout

Inground Pools: Wyoming

Inground pools Wyoming

If you enjoy wandering, Wyoming is the perfect place. With amazing landscape and almost 20 million acres of government land, the Cowboy State is a paradise for leisure travelers, tourists, skiers, etc. Inground pools Wyoming. However, if you prefer staying next to your house, Wyoming is also a great place to have a backyard pool.

Inground pools in Hawaii

Inground pools in Hawaii

Hawaii can boast of the world’s most beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscape. However, most people living there opt for bring paradise closer to the house by setting the pools in their side yards. With a lot of majesty of nature surrounding the island, this might look like too much to some. However, taking into account