Varieties of inground pools

Varieties of inground pools

Swimming pool vocabulary can be mysterious. After studying some pools, it may seem to you that pool companies invent a total gibberish simply to attempt to impress you. Nevertheless, the major cause of why pool terminology is so confusing is that there are lots of different options. But of course, you can’t even start considering a new

What’s the price of an inground pool? Let’s consider it in detail

What’s the price of an inground pool

Wondering what’s the price of an inground pool cost looks like asking about the cost of a house. There is no clear answer. It depends on lots of different factors, so the best way to find out the real price is to receive information from a local contractor. But before contacting a pool constructor, you should do some research

The cost of an inground swimming pool and info by state

inground swimming pool

Having an inground swimming pool can be a very different experience based on your place of residence. Of all the factors that define the price of an inground pool, geography is probably the most important. Building costs vary from place to place, as well as the license costs, charges, and any security installations required by local

Inground pool equipment: general information

Inground pool equipment

Building an inground swimming pool (as well as providing its work) is quite expensive. From the very beginning, you must pay quite a large sum to ensure the high quality and cleanliness of your pool water. Over time, you’ll also have to pay for the repair work and (if desired) add up some extras. In

Inground Pool Financing

Inground Pool Financing

Most people can’t afford paying for a new pool at once. Luckily, there are many options for inground pool financing that you can benefit from. As soon as you know the exact price of your swimming pool, you need to think about how you’re going to pay for it – involving any loans you’ll need to

Inground Pool Kits

Inground Pool Kits

The best way to save well on an inground pool is to do it with your own hands. Luckily, there are many companies offering inground pool kits that give customers everything necessary for the installation of an inground pool. What is their price? Of course, it depends largely on the seller, materials used, as well

How to service your pool on your own

How to service your pool on your own

Filtration Cleaning of pool water is the set of measures for the removal of particles with the help of filter. The filtration is also called mechanical water cleaning. The removal of coarse litter You can remove the large impurities, falling into the pool, by means of net or filter, made with your own hands. Coagulation

The basic rules of pool landscaping

rules of pool landscaping

Garden swimming pool in the hot climate regions is an integral part of landscape design. Properly performed pool landscaping can fulfill several functions. It can act as decorative element and as a place of active rest. The design of garden with swimming pool usually starts from determination of pool location. To make the swimming pool

A wide variety of pool lights

variety of pool lights

The swimming-pool is the luxury element of interior. The lighting of indoor or outdoor pool is a separate stage of the interior creation. There are two main kinds of pool lighting: exterior lighting (the lighting of accommodation, shed and additional elements); interior lighting (the lighting of the pool and the water). The high-energy and halogen

The most popular kinds of pool cover

popular kinds of pool cover

Pool cover is a necessary and useful element of swimming-pool service. Due to its multifunctionality, it can serve summer and winter alike. It doesn’t matter, if your swimming-pool is outdoor or indoor. In any case, it requires a good cover. The kinds of pool cover Thermal insulation pool cover represents the dark-blue bubble cover, swimming

Wonderful ideas for the outdoor pools.

ideas for the outdoor pools

The summer comes and ends differently for everybody. But it may safely be said that, irrespective of the weather conditions, most people will consider it wonderful to spend a good time outdoors at the swimming pool. But perhaps, even the lucky persons, having an outdoor pool, have repeatedly though about the improvement of its design,

The functions of water filters

The functions of water filters

The main function of the pool filter is the water purification from the foreign substances, polluting it. Because of them, the water gets turbid, overgrown and stinking. It can even become fatal to man. That’s why it is very important to use the water filter in the pool service system. Sand filter for the pool