Let’s work on the pool ladders and steps

Each bathing session begins with entering the pool and finishes with getting out of it. However, the issue of how you’re planning to get in and out isn’t always the first thing that pops into your mind when considering the pool installation. But if you think about it, steps are a very important element of every swimming pool. What are the best inground pool ladders to install?

In particular, a well-thought-out pool ladder makes pool use more secure and comfortable. However, apart from its practical value, it can also complete and improve your pool’s appearance. The main thing is to choose the correct type of pool entry.

Pool ladders

Most pool ladders are made of stainless steel, and not without reason. They’re cost-effective, space-efficient, and work well irrespective of water depth. With regard to the negative aspects, they don’t provide a seamless entrance into the pool and usually are difficult to use for kids or people with disabilities.

One smooth and unobtrusive option is to have footholds embedded directly into the wall of the pool. Actually, they’re usually called “recessed pool steps”, but it is easier to consider them as an embedded pool ladder. They’re more costly to attach to an inground pool than a traditional pool ladder, but they still deserve consideration.

Pool steps

Steps are the basis of pool design, providing free access and an incredible appearance. They’re usually built into the pool’s construction; however, they can also be set up separately. One of the most widespread types are wedding cake steps, which have an elegant curved shape.

In comparison with the ladders, steps rather represent a pool design component than an individual fixture. Simply put, they usually blend perfectly with the pool’s design, apart from being very functional.

Other varieties of pool entrances

Are you searching for something unusual? Do you have special needs? Below are some of the most unique pool entrance variants:

Zero-entry pool

Zero-entry pools, also known as beach entry, are very popular nowadays, and it’s quite understandable. Having a chance to walk down a flat beach-kind slope and into the water is the top of luxury. Unluckily, this kind of entry occupies much free space, so you should have a bigger pool to make it work.

Sun shelves

This structure is also known as baja shelf and tanning ledge. Actually, a sun shelf is a shallow zone for splattering and relaxing that serves as an entrance into the swimming pool. A popular design is for the sun shelf to be embedded into a set of pool steps.

Swimming pool lifts

For handicapped persons, pool lifts offer access to the pool and all the therapeutic effects it provides. Unluckily, such devices take up much space on a pool deck, and they’re usually costly to buy and set up. However, if you dispose of enough space and money and really need it, a pool lift is an excellent solution.

What to pay attention to in a pool entry

An experienced pool contractor can give you a good recommendation about pool entries. Keep in mind that if you’re planning a fiberglass pool, the entrance may come in a set with the pool shell itself. Anyway, in case you still have some doubts concerning the type of pool entry, below you can find a few simple pieces of advice:

  1. Keep in mind the handrails. The latter usually come as a kit with the pool ladders; however, they can also be attached to steps and other varieties of the pool entrance. No matter how they’re used, they make pool entry simpler and more secure to use.
  2. Opt for the anti-slip surface. As regards security, you should also take into account what kind of surface the pool entry has and whether there are anti-slip options.
  3. Think of the people who will use the pool. Don’t forget to care for the people who may have problems getting into and out of the pool, and select an entry that will allow them to get free access to the pool.
  4. Choose something that goes well with your pool’s design. Usually, the form and style of the pool will define what kind of entry is the most suitable.
  5. Take a look at various entries. Consider as many options as possible to find one that fits you best.

The question of pool entries is more complicated than you think. If you’re considering the purchase of a pool, this is another hard choice you hardly want to make. However, taking into account the impact it has on the daily use of your pool – let alone its look – it merits particular attention.