Installation of inground pools in Ohio

There are many things to do in Ohio in the summer months– fishing, camping, etc. Still, some Ohioans want to increase the summertime fun with inground pools install straight in their own backyards. Installation of inground pools in Ohio.

semi inground pools in ohio
semi inground pools in Ohio

Bathing season

As well as other states in the Midwest, Ohio provides a restricted number of months appropriate for swimming. For instance, in Cleveland, temperatures usually don’t exceed 20°C until June, and fall back down in the beginning of autumn. Sure, if you have a pool heater and/or a tolerance for colder temperatures, you can prolong your bathing season for several weeks.

inground pools in cincinnati ohio
inground pools in Cincinnati Ohio

Extra features

Local winters can be severe, so we recommend you buy a solid winter pool cover. If you want to make the most of the available space, you should buy a platform pool cover that you can walk on. However, it will cost you a fortune.

inground pools in Ohio
inground pools in Ohio

Price of installation

As for the price, you’ll usually pay a bit more than the national average for an inground pool in Ohio because of slightly higher labor costs. Nevertheless, there are lots of different factors that affect the cost of a pool, and lots of ways to save. The best way to reduce the price of your pool is to do a part of the work on your own. But make sure that you’re up to the task, since some things should still be entrusted to the experts.

inground pools Ohio prices
inground pools Ohio prices


The process of buying a pool permit varies depending on the part of Ohio. Most likely, you’ll have to submit a form with a one-time payment, and then wait a specific period for the permit to be issued. You may also need to present a plan of your pool, or at least provide technical characteristics. There may be extra permits demanded as well, especially if you reside in a city area. Contact the office that process construction permits in your region and make sure to allocate time in your project schedule for all the red tape.

Security laws

No matter where you live in Ohio, there are probably pool security laws that you will have to follow as a pool owner – and some of them may lead to changes or additions to your building plans. Installation of inground pools in Ohio. For instance, the majority of cities – not only in Ohio, but all over the country – require you to enclose your pool with a fence of a specific height. Moreover, there may regulations concerning pool location, or just about any other aspect of pool installation.