Installation of inground pools in Michigan

Michigan has one of the lowest mean temperatures in the United States, but this doesn’t stop lots of state residents from enjoying inground pools in summer. As well as with other states with cold climates, a core issue in determining whether to install a backyard pool in Michigan is whether it’s worth it considering the comparatively brief swimming season. Installation of inground pools in Michigan.
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Bathing season

In comparison with other states, high temperatures are short-term in Michigan. You can usually swim in the open air throughout the summer, based your tolerance for lower temperatures. Nevertheless, an unusually warm spring or autumn isn’t so extraordinary, so you may be lucky enough to get extra swimming time.

Extra features

You’ll definitely need an electric pool heater to prolong the bathing season and enjoy your pool to the fullest. We recommend you buy a high-quality solar pool heater or solar cover to reduce your heating costs. Eventually, you’ll also have to get a solid winter pool cover in order to protect your pool in the severe winter.
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Price of installation

Construction costs in the state are a bit higher than the national average, so you will probably pay a bit more for pool installation. But remember that prices can differ by area (they are much higher in city areas than in the rural ones).


As usual, you should contact your municipal authorities to figure out what permits are necessary for residential inground pool installation and ownership in Michigan. In almost all cases, you will have to have your pool project approved and registered with the city in order to obtain an authorization.
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Security laws

Pool security laws differ from place to place. Although, in most cities of Michigan you will require a pool safety fence that is at least four meters high. Another possible requirement is a self-locking gate.