Zero entry pool

Some persons prefer to make a splash with their new inground pool. Others just plunge into pool ownership.

Zero entry pool.

If you have a zero-entry pool, you might not be able to make a splash in the literal sense of the word; however, you’ll certain attract much attention. Zero entry pools (also referred to as beach entry pools) are popular for many reasons, but mainly due to their impressive looks.

What does a zero-entry pool represent? In short, that’s a pool where one or a few sides gradually decline from ground level down into the water.

This doesn’t mean there are no steps at all, as some zero entries slope gradually at first before underwater steps permit you to rapidly dive deeper into the water.

Nevertheless, the overall idea is to create the looks of a beach. Certain beach entry pools even feature waterfalls, sand and other components of natural pool design to complete the effect.

A zero entry isn’t just for appearance, however. It also permits kids, old people and disabled persons to easily plunge into the pool. The warm, shallow water of a zero entry is also a perfect spot to lay in the sun or just rest on a hot afternoon.

In general, the benefits of a beach entry pool are quite evident. Still, there are several drawbacks to take into account:


This option is quite cost-effective. Not all pool builders even provide zero entry pool designs. And those who do it will definitely ask for extra for this premium function.

Many zero entries are embedded into gunite pools. Nevertheless, zero entry fiberglass pools are also available.


You require additional space to accommodate the gradual downward slope of the zero entry. Apart from costing you extra in materials, this means that the pool will take up additional space on your property.

If real property has a limited size, you consider what we indicated above – a zero entry that slopes gradually at the beginning, but then allows you to use steps to plunge into deeper water.


Some pool owners have noted that zero entry pools might be a bit too natural. In short, they might offer an excellent place for animals to plunge into the water and do everything they want.

Such features aren’t for everyone, but for persons who wish their pool to be as nice as it is entertaining, there’s nothing better than a beach entry pool. Moreover, zero entry pools are an excellent option for persons who find it difficult to use pool steps.

If you don’t mind the higher cost and other potential issues, zero entry pool may turn into the pool of your dreams.