Wonderful ideas for the outdoor pools.

The summer comes and ends differently for everybody. But it may safely be said that, irrespective of the weather conditions, most people will consider it wonderful to spend a good time outdoors at the swimming pool. But perhaps, even the lucky persons, having an outdoor pool, have repeatedly though about the improvement of its design, adding it stylishness and luxury. Ideas for the outdoor pools.

We offer you the wonderful ideas for transformation of ordinary home pool in a real wonder of landscape design: comfortable, elegant and luxury place, able to amaze everybody!

Waterfall in the backyard

Why must you limit yourself to the ordinary swimming pool? Of course, all the outdoor ponds and pool, which became very popular for the last few years, look wonderful. But nothing can compare to the magnificence of beautiful waterfall. It will be a perfect complement to the outdoor pool. Apart from spectacular visual picture, it will certainly become the favorite place of children.

The fire magic

If you already have the outdoor pool with waterfall, then it’s time to add the element of fire. Due to the variety of modern constructions in the innovative stylish manner, you can unite the fireplace with the outdoor pool.

If it doesn’t blend with the design, you can use the small fire sources in the form of torches. They’ll easily add the romantic, comfort, elegancy and style. Outdoor fireplace can be the effective central element of cool hall, terrace or swimming pool.

Geometric balance and lighting

Sometimes all we need to improve the exterior is the grass, several bushes or chaise longue. A simple, minimalist approach to the design of terrace near the pool, is as effective and attractive as more luxury and elegant style. Only a pair of sliding glass doors in the kitchen and living-room will make your outdoor pool look like a natural extension of the living space.

One of the most important aspects of the open landscape (especially after the sunset) is lighting. Modern LED lanterns can make the exterior lighting not only more colorful and interesting, but also save a lot of energy. It’s eco-friendly, beautiful and very practical!

Using modern installations, you can also arrange the different variants of dynamic lighting.

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