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Widespread fiberglass pool issues

fiberglass pool issues

Fiberglass pools are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to explain. They look great, are relatively easy to install, and stand up to any weather conditions. However, in addition to those benefits, they also have their drawbacks. Fiberglass pool issues are usually individual, so any person interested in purchasing such pool should find out all the details.

What makes fiberglass pools stand out? Well, as well as concrete and vinyl, there are problems that are inherent in the kind of material being used. However, with fiberglass pools there’s also the fact that the shells are delivered intact from the manufacturer and aren’t actually intended for repairs or renovations in situ. Below you can find some of the most widespread problems fiberglass pool owners face.

Bulging walls

The majority of inground pools are carved out of the earth, and concrete or vinyl is applied to create a surface able to hold water. Nevertheless, fiberglass shells are delivered to your doorstep in their final form, i.e. they need some kind of backfill (generally sand) to hold them in place. The problem is that sand, when soaked in water, can turn liquid and put enormous pressure on the pool walls. In case that the shell isn’t solid enough to withstand this pressure, bulges can appear in the pool wall.


Sand can also cause issues with plumbing. The pipes are laid in a specific spot with a particular configuration. If the sand surrounding them isn’t fully compacted, it will keep settling over time. This can put pressure on pipes and finally lead to leaks.


Spider cracks

Spider cracks can emerge on any fiberglass surface, and fiberglass pools are not an exception. Fortunately, such small cracks don’t lead to any real issues – they just don’t look good. However, considering that you’re paying thousands of dollars, getting a pool that looks poor is an issue.

Problems when repairing the shell

As indicated, fiberglass pools aren’t actually designed taking into account repairs or renovation. Luckily, most of such pools don’t require capital repair for a very long time. But if the surface of a pool still gets damaged, it’s not easy to find a patch suitable for the initial surface.

Do these fiberglass pool issues scare you off?

Those are the major fiberglass pool issues. If you’ve heard of other issues, keep in mind that the majority of pool contractors work only with the concrete pools, which is why they have personal stake in making you refuse from fiberglass. As regards pool owners, very few have had various kinds of pools and can speak competently about the distinctions.

When thinking of a fiberglass pool, it’s essential to assess the guarantee on the pool shell to see whether it covers some of these widespread issues. But even more importantly, you need to find a pool builder experienced in fiberglass pools. The majority of the biggest issues can be avoided by means of appropriate installation.

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