Why you need to wait to buy a built-in pool?

Inground pools are gorgeous, fun, good for your health and usually regarded as amazing things. Of course, built-in pools are expensive to install, but it’s not a waste – including such a major feature to your house enhances its value. Considering all this, why do you need to wait to buy a built-in pool?

Well, there are many reasons. As a constant element of your property, an inground pool demands a degree of commitment that extends well beyond above ground pools. The price and scope of pool building is also on a completely different level than the majority of home renovation projects. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most specialists suggest beginning your pool planning about twelve months in advance.

Main reasons to back it up

From the moment you start considering the idea of getting a personal pool, the anticipation of that first plunge starts to rise. Before your excitement overwhelms you, take a breath and think of the following reasons for you to wait.

  1. Doing some research.Starting out, there’s just no way to foresee all the problems you’ll have to face before making a decision to install a pool. It’s essential to do some research, contact the pool owners, and find out as much information on this matter as possible.
  2. Decision taking.As soon you find out everything about pools, you still shouldn’t hurry up to make a decision on whether buying a pool is reasonable for you. The same applies to selecting a pool contractor, which is the single largest factor in defining the success of the project.
  3. Design.Pool installation is different from moving the furniture. As soon as you made a decision on a layout, you can’t refuse from it (if you don’t want to pay for a costly renovation). Your perfect design may change over time, so ensure that there’s plenty of runway to make it right the first time.
  4. Financing.Even a small pool is very expensive. Over time, you can save up money, find the appropriate financing, and probably buy a better pool with extra features.
  5. Terms.Inspired by hot weather, most people start thinking about buying a pool in spring or summer. Nevertheless, autumn is probably the best time for installation since pool companies are not so busy and more prone to offer you the best deal.

Try before purchasing

If you can’t wait to buy a built-in pool, you should think of getting an above ground pool for the short time. Such enterprises as Intex sell them in different forms and sizes, while most of them imitate the “inground experience”. Such luxurious options can cost a lot but are still inexpensive in comparison with the price of an inground pool.

Above ground pools are relatively simple to install and don’t need a long-standing commitment, while taking it off is very fast and easy. In addition, you can always sell such pool and get back a part of the money you invested in it.

If you’re not sure about buying a pool, that’s the great way to try itAbove ground pools need almost the same maintenance as the inground options, which allows you to try out pool ownership before spending lots. After using such pool for summer, you may want to keep it, throw it away or get yourself a permanent option. Just take your time and make the right choice!