Where to place the pool: tips to find the best placement

Where will you install a pool? Perhaps, that’s the first issue every would-be pool owner faces. Eventually, to start having fun in the clean blue water of your new swimming pool, you should understand where it will be located. Where to place the pool.

Unluckily, pool location can also be a significant obstacle. There are many limiting factors to take into account, most of which have to do with the dimensions and form of your house.

In addition, speaking of an inground pool, you won’t have any second chances. You can’t simply move your swimming pool to a different location if your decision wasn’t right.

Good thing is that the problem of pool placement actually isn’t so difficult when you limit it to its main parts. To help keep things in right perspective, below are several things to take into account when searching for the perfect spot to install your swimming pool.

1. Free space

If you haven’t much free space, your options for pool location are definitely restricted. You will probably want the pool next to your property. This involves other design solutions, including a shape and materials complementing your property’s exterior.

However, if you can boast of a large open space, your options are almost infinite. However, it still better to install a pool near the house. Another option to separate the pool area from the house, giving this place its own original look.

Anyway, considering how much free room you’ve got, make sure to provide space for all the extra features you may need for your pool area. The main of them is the leisure room surrounding the pool –patio, pool deck, sun shelves, etc. Moreover, you may dream of installing such extras as a jacuzzi, springboard, etc. Where to place the pool.

2. Slope and the rest of practical issues

For many different reasons, certain parts of your backyard may be unavailable for pool building. The rest may just be more difficult, leading to an increase in the installation price.

For instance, an inground pool must be built on even platform. Well, it is possible to carve into a slope and construct a supporting wall to create a flat area for your pool. Nevertheless, this is a separate project, which is very costly.

Other problems the pool installations may involve:

  • Low-lying places, vulnerable to flooding
  • Windy spaces, since they lead to an increased water vapor
  • Buried utilities
  • Construction codes in your area
  • Access to pool building equipment
  • Existing trespassers

It may seem very difficult, but an experienced pool constructor can help you with this. But you should realize that your first variant may prove impossible on some technical grounds. So, come prepared to make modifications.

3. Appearance, comfort and other individual preferences

Having examined all those norms and limitations, your variants of pool placement may reduce significantly. Let’s say that there are still several options left: in this case, you need to make your decision depending on what is better for you and your loved ones. You may find lots of recommendations on pool placement online, but it actually comes down to your personal taste and priorities.

Of course, the majority of the future pool owners wish their pool to look spectacular; therefore, they’re so worried about such things as pool form, materials, decoration, etc. The pool placement is also crucial in this context. Do you want that it stands near the house to always admire it? Or do you prefer making it a private place, hiding it from the prying eyes? The choice is yours.

In addition, think of the view from the swimming pool. What do you want to look at while you’re relaxing on the sun shelf or lying on a floating chair?

Below is a list of other questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is the place sunny enough?
  • Is it possible to look after kids from there?
  • Is it convenient to save pool equipment nearby?
  • Can you call it a private place?

Responding the questions above will help you decide on the placement of your future pool. It is also useful to have assistance of an experienced pool constructor. However, as with any other decisions regarding a pool, a well-informed householder is the only person who can make a right choice.