What’s the price of filling a pool with water?

If you’ve never had a pool before, the perspective of filling it with water for the first time may be seen frightening. The majority of us have been learned from an early age not to increase the water bill by taking shower for too long. Based on such circumstance, you might expect to pay A LOT for using 15.000 or more liters of water at a time.

However, the price of filling up a pool with water is usually quite inexpensive – at least compared to what you’re paying for installation. Although you may have heard that pool water delivery may cost hundreds of dollars, the majority new pool owners can just fill them up with a garden hose (or a few of them). Your next water bill might be an all-time high for your household, but if the water rates in your middle of nowhere are approaching the national average, it’s not going to cost you a lot of money.

But before filling your pool, you need make a few calls to ensure that you’re doing things right. First of all, contact your pool contractor to ensure that there aren’t any problems with slowly filling your pool over lots of hours. After that, contact your water utility to have a clear understanding of what you’re going pay (some companies can even tell you a final figure depending on the size of your pool).

Make the calculations

If you’re already proceeded to the pool installation, you probably understand how many liters of water it will hold. If this is not the case, you can find a pool volume calculator online and do the math. Rectangular pools are comparatively easy to calculate, but the freeform models are more difficult. Anyway, the volume is based on the surface measurements of your pool together with its mean depth.

Most pools require about 15.000 liters. This may look like too much water, but it’s actually almost the same that you’re already using monthly. In accordance with the EPA, the average household can use 400 liters of water on a daily and over 10. 000 liters in a month.

It depends on the place, but the average cost of water in America ten years ago was only $2 per 1000 liters. Of course, this figure has improved significantly from then on and may be higher in your area, but the fact is that if you can purchase a swimming pool, you can also afford the price of filling it with municipal water.

Bulk water delivery for pools

Despite the above, there are some benefits of having your pool water hauled in. The clearest of them is comfort. Ordering pool water delivery, you don’t need to keep an eye on a garden hose for hours until the pool is filled, and you can start to enjoy your new pool earlier – probably even immediately.

In addition, if you’re using well water, filling from your household equipment may be out of question. You could run out of water before the pool is full, or your family may be left without water for a few days.

Another advantage: filling the pool quickly with a few hoses from a water tank might be a great way to detect the leaks in your pool. Persons who major in pool water delivery are known for being quite skillful at detecting problems and solving problems in time. Anyway, it’s definitely a good idea to have your pool contractor monitor the filling process in case any issue will arise.

Eventually, employing a pool filling service is more reasonable in some regions than others. It’s highly questionable that it would ever be more cost-effective than using city water supply. Nevertheless, if you live in the region where the price of water is really high, the extra expenses on pool water delivery might seem insignificant. Particularly given that it may give you a few additional days of relaxation in your new pool.