What’s the price of an inground pool? Let’s consider it in detail

Wondering what’s the price of an inground pool cost looks like asking about the cost of a house. There is no clear answer. It depends on lots of different factors, so the best way to find out the real price is to receive information from a local contractor.

But before contacting a pool constructor, you should do some research to obtain a rough estimation of the price of an inground pool. This way, you’ll be able to realize whether you can afford even the most simple model. That’s the purpose of our article – to provide you with the main information you need to start the process of purchasing an inground pool.

Begin with an estimated value of $50.000 (but don’t dwell on this)

Generally, an inground pool costs about $50.000. Nevertheless, it can vary depending on many different factors (one of them is a type of pool). See the table below.

Type of poolEstimated value
Standard fiberglass$50.000
Indoor Pool$75.000
Small pool$20.000
Pool Kit$12.000

Another warning about rough price estimates. The majority of them is provided by the pool companies, which aren’t unbiased. They will try to convince you to choose the model/material that will bring them profit.

Factors that may increase (or reduce) the cost of an inground pool

Here’s an overview of the things that affect the final price of the construction of an inground pool.

  • Size. Unsurprisingly, the size of the pool is an important factor in defining its price. This implies both the perimeter measurements and depth of the model. Thus, shallower pools cost less than deeper ones.
  • Materials. The materials used for lining the pool play an important role in defining the price. Fiberglass and concrete are regarded as the top materials, and they are more expensive than the others.
  • Location. Usually, the higher the price of the home in your region, the more expensive will be the pool construction. Moreover, specific areas have stricter pool safety legislation, requiring modifications and extras that eventually enhance the price of a pool.
  • Customizations. There are many different methods to customize an inground pool: beach entries, grottos, vanishing edges, etc. Such modifications can increase the cost of a pool to $100.000 and more.
  • Do it yourself. If you’re able to do a part of the work yourself, this can help you save significantly. Lots of companies sell inground pool kits that include all the necessary material. But if you’re not sure you can do all the work yourself, find a contractor who will help you.

Extras you may wish or require

There is no gainsaying the fact that extras can end up more expensive than the pool itself. Below you can find a list of add-ons that can easily increase the price of a swimming pool.

  • Lighting. There are many different lighting appliances you can use for your inground swimming pools. If you’re going to swim in the nighttime, this should be a major concern for you.
  • Fencing. In most regions of the US, it is required under the local legislation that the pools are surrounded by a barrier. In addition, the barrier must comply with particular specifications, which means that the backyard fencing you have may not be suitable. The price of building a pool fencing varies considerably based on the materials, yard, and specific pool security requirements.
  • Covers. A pool cover can reduce pool heating costs. Common pool covers are comparatively cheap, but most people find them uncomfortable for use. Therefore, most new pools are constructed with automatic pool covers, which can increase the price of installation by about $1000.
  • Heating system. The price of a pool heater varies but usually increases its price by about $1000. Furthermore, heating the pool can significantly increase the recurring cost of pool ownership.
  • Pool automation. There are many technical improvements and extras that make pool maintenance simpler. Such devices include integrated lighting control systems, robotic pool cleaners, etc.
  • Water features. Water features are available in many forms, such as deck jets, and different kinds of waterfalls. These are mandatory for most pool owners; however, they significantly increase the price of building and maintaining a pool.
  • Jumps and slides. Such fun features can increase the cost of the poll by thousands of dollars. And don’t forget that a springboard might call for a deeper pool than you had imagined; this is a chain reaction that enhances your installation price.
  • Spa. Including a spa in your inground pool significantly enhances its cost. Nevertheless, for many customers, a spa is a vital component price cost should be taken into account from the very beginning.

This encompasses the most widespread extras, but this is only a partial list. Additional features, such as the aforementioned ones, can change the inground pool pricing a lot.

Pool pricing outlook for 2020

There’s another factor that affects the price of a swimming pool costs that can’t be neglected– time. As well as everything else, pool costs tend to change. Therefore, if you find some article about pool installation costs from 2016-2017, you’re likely to find incorrect information.

A while ago, pool builders were obliged to keep prices low because of a weak economy and the corresponding lack of consumption demand. But nowadays, the pool industry is doing much better, and therefore, prices for new pools are on the rise again.

Considering the current forecasts for the real estate market and the economy as a whole, we believe that that the price of an inground pool will keep rising in 2020.

Pool financing

It is difficult to determine the price of an inground pool. However, we hope that this article will help you with your research. When you’re ready, contact at least several contractors (they usually offer free quotes). This is a great idea to visit potential contractors at their working place. Keep in mind that the key to a successful installation is to find a reliable and proven contractor.

Now that you know an approximate cost of your future pool, you should start thinking on how to pay for it. Consider different opportunities of pool financing. The sooner you start planning such things, the sooner you’ll swim in your new pool.

Having an inground pool can be a very different experience based on your place of residence, local climate, size, and material of the pool. But one thing is for sure: you’ll enjoy your pool to the fullest.