What’s the price of a spool?

The pool industry is full of big words, most of them targeted at promoting innovative designs and functions. One of the most popular terms that has been standing out in recent years is the spool. As the name implies, these fashionable pools combine components of a pool and a spa in one neat small package.

Although spools can definitely help you save space in comparison with a traditional swimming pool, they may not save your money. The reason is that, in contrast to other small pools, spools usually have many integrated costly functions. As regards current expenses, we should also note the cost of heating what is actually a huge jacuzzi.

So, what’s the price of installation and maintenance of a spool? As usual, it depends on the technical characteristics – including all the frills and twists that are typical for this kind of pool. The way of using the spool is also an important factor in defining the overall price of ownership.

Spool designs

Even pool experts have varying views on what passes for a spool. Some believe that it’s any small pool, with 8′ x 12′ and 12′ x 14′ as standard sizes for a rectangular layout. Others think that a spool must have spa jets and the opportunity to warm the water up to jacuzzi temp. Terms aside, the majority of spools have included the following characteristics:

  • Its size is a cross between a traditional pool and a spa
  • Spa jets
  • Solid water heating
  • Large seating, usually in the shape of a solid bench along the perimeter
  • Modern generation system for swimming in situ

However, this was only a basic information. In addition, spools frequently include such features   as LED lights, cascades, decorative flooring and other high-class features. Actually, most clients choose the full “cocktail pool” experience with fire cups, pool bar, outdoor cuisine, etc.

One of the best things about spools is that they permit you to invest money and space in additional functions that turn your side yard into a small resort. Sure, such luxury never comes cheap.

The cost of spool

For those who wonder what the price of a spool is, there is unluckily no universal response. Apart from various features described above, there are also the common inground pool expenditure variables like materials and builder cost.

However, usually, a spool costs:

  • more than that of an inground pool of the same size
  • less than a conventional inground pool
  • way more than a common spa
  • way less than a combination of a swimming pool and spa
  • more to maintain in case it is heated to jaccuzi temp most days
  • less to maintain in case it is heated rarely

The only means to find the real spool prices is to consult the local contractors. Receive information from several contractors, bearing in mind that the lowest bid isn’t necessarily the one you should accept. The perfect spool constructor should not only offer a good price, but also have an excellent reputation and wide experience in building inground spas.

With their remarkable universality and elegant design, spools are not just a fashion choice. They constitute a reasonable option for persons who don’t have enough money or space for a normal swimming pool. But if you’re searching for a really cost-effective option, make sure you realize the total price of possessing a spool – you might change your mind after you fish around.





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