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What you need to know about pool electric safety

Pool electric safety.

Even though pool electrocution is quite rare, there will be no solace to the families that have suffered from it. Although drowning is still the major pool security problem, a few recent incidents have heightened awareness about the danger of electrocution during swimming. Pool electric safety.

In one instance, a small boy received an electric shock because of a malfunctioning pool light at the time of swimming in an outdoor pool. In yet another incident, a few kids were electrocuted while bathing at a complex pool by a pool pump that was improperly grounded.

Probably, the worst thing about the above-mentioned accidents is that the parents seemed to be powerless to avert such incidents. Luckily, the same can’t be said about all electrical hazards, particularly as regards private pools. Pool electric safety. As a would-be pool owner, you can decrease the danger of an electrical incident by using good sense, adhering to security guidelines, and ensuring that your swimming pool complies with all existing safety regulations.

How can electric accidents occur?

Pool electric accidents usually belong to one of the following categories:

  1. accidents because of a high-risk behavior by swimmers (for instances, using electric devices or extensions next to the water)
  2. accidents caused by dangerous pool equipment that’s either faulting or was incorrectly installed (generally pool lighting)

As we all know, water and electricity do not mix. Since water conducts electricity, an electrified pool can electrocute any person who comes into contact with the water or metal equipment like pool electrocuted. Moreover, swimmer can get shocked when they touch someone else who is being shocked.

The electrical shock per se may lead to severe injury or lethal outcome. Moreover, it can cause loss of consciousness or muscular dystrophy, making a person drown if somebody else can’t save him/her.

Of course, incidents of electric shock inside the pools are terrifying. However, considering how rare it is, should you really be so worried about it occurring in your swimming pool? The clear answer is that you should be concerned enough to take the prudent precaution.

How to reduce your risk?

The most effective way to avert electrocution is to make sure your pool is in proper working condition. Nevertheless, daily conduct near the pool is crucial as well. Below you can find a few tips from the other safety specialists.

Update the pool lighting system.

According to the specialists, the highest risk of electrocution is caused by outdated pool lighting. If your pool is quite old, think of setting up new lighting, which complies with the current security standards and is less prone to fail because of age.

Have your pool checked out.

You must have all electrical elements checked out once your pool is built (this will probably be required by the local law). Another great idea to have your pool examined from time to time. If you’re planning to move into a property that already includes a pool, have it examined before making a purchase.

Never try to carry out electrical work on your own.

There are lots of pool projects that enthusiasts can find online, but electrical work is something that must be entrusted to an experienced professional.

Keep cords and electric devices away at a distance.

This may sound evident, but the longer you own a pool, the higher the risk of slipping up and getting hurt. Particularly, beware of extensions and other power cords that can be damaged.

Control kids and drunk persons.

Every time any child is near the pool, adults must be close to ensure that electric power and water don’t meet. A constantly vigilant adult will also notice signs of an electrified pool, such as swimmers who are convulsing or unconscious.

Be on the lookout for signs of malfunctioning equipment.

Specifically, watch for pool illumination that is twinkling or simply working unevenly. Avoid plunging into a pool where an electrical device seems to be freaking out. Close the pool the issue is addressed.

Make sure you know what to do when your pool gets electrified.

When the person is getting electrocuted inside the pool, people usually start to panic. Since it’s hardly possible to think straight in similar situations, you must prepare a plan in advance in order to do the right thing without hesitation. Pool electric safety. This plan must involve cutting the power, having persons leave the pool without touching metal equipment, and calling 911.

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