Pools ideas Articles What is the most suitable type of inground pools for you?

What is the most suitable type of inground pools for you?

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Installation of a pool is not an easy task. Some clients start this process with a clear understanding of what they need and a burning desire to overcome all the obstacles, while others still wonder what they should get. What is the most suitable type of inground pools for you?

Unluckily, there’s no single response to this question. Any pool constructor who attempts to convince you otherwise is obviously trying to sell you what’s best for him/her. In fact, a successful swimming pool design depends on free space, finances, and many other factors that differ greatly from human to human.

Well, although no one can tell you which types of an inground pool is better, there are certain recommendations that can help you choose the most suitable kind of pool for you. Below are a few popular scenarios, each with a few advises on the pool materials, forms, dimensions, and add-ons.

Best type of inground pool

Family with a limited budget (type of inground pools)

The perfect family pool is big and universal, which makes it possible to address the needs of people of various ages, preferably at the same time. In this case, the typical 16′ x 32′ rectangular pool will fit. Nevertheless, an oval, kidney-shaped, or L-shaped pool with the same size could also play out.

Surely, the issue with large pools is that they cost much. In any case, this holds for fiberglass and concrete pools. To get the optimal price, think of an above ground pool with a deck or a vinyl liner pool.

Such pools are perfect for families, but their price can be a significant obstacle.

No matter what you choose, put some money aside for updated security features. Based on the age and safety requirements of your household members, this could involve an alarm, fencing, or an automatic pool cover.

Сouple with no children

For most couples, an ideal day next to the pool consists of laying in the sun, reading magazines, and swimming now and then to cool down. In that event, it is meaningless to waste money and space on a big pool when a spool will be no worse. Type of inground pools. After all, free funds can be spent on a bigger pool deck for having fun, or additional features such as a pool bar or outdoor kitchen.

If you’re going to spend all time relaxing on the pool deck, a spool is no worse than a big pool.

What kind of material is ideal for this kind of pool? That depends on your financial opportunity. Nevertheless, fiberglass can be an excellent choice, as it’s top-quality and easy to install. As regards the shape, think of a rectangular or circular pool.

Experienced swimmers

Well, some clients really need their swimming pools to swim. Can you believe it?

People who require a pool for physical exercise usually opt for a conventional rectangular pool, which is intended for swimming in circles and many other activities. Nevertheless, to alleviate swimming workouts, the perfect kind of pool is a longer version of the rectangular pool, also called a lap pool. As a rule, such pools are made of concrete, but fiberglass pool shells are also available in this form.

The greatest challenge with lap pools is that they take up too much room. For a smaller option, think of a swim spa or a spool equipped with swim jets.

Fans of luxury

So, what kind of pool is preferable when there are no limits? In this case, it’s a matter of taste. However, we can say with certainty that the pool the majority of people dream of is large, made of high-quality materials, and filled with additional functions.

If you have an outstanding view in your side yard, an infinity edge pool is difficult to top. Otherwise, you can provide the ideal backyard stay-cation with a freeform pool with cascade and grotto. But if your taste is more conservative, you should choose a stylish grass-surround pool.

These are no means of all available options. If you’re truly searching for the perfect pool irrespective of price, you’ll just have to make your own decision since the possibilities are limitless. If you know what you want and can afford that, you’ll get it.

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