What is an inground swim spa?

Swimming is both healthy and entertaining. However, not every person has enough space for a real pool, and most above ground models aren’t long enough for making exercises anyway. Perhaps that’s why space-efficient swim spas are increasing in popularity. For a smaller option, you can purchase an inground swim spa (however, you’ll have to shell out).

Nowadays, an increasing number of professional swimmers are getting lap pools for their side yards. For those who don’t have enough space for a lap pool, inground swim spas provide an excellent alternative.

What are swim spas?

Actually, swim spa is a racetrack for swimmers. Powerful jets create a current, which permits you to swim in place, with controls to establish the strength of the current and therefore the intensity of the exercise. In contrast to a traditional spa, a swim spa has a more elongated form to offer room for workouts – and surely, it’s designed for lower water temperatures.

However, a swim spa isn’t only intended for swimming. They’re perfect for training and rehabilitation.

Installation of a swim spa

The majority of swim spas are autonomous devices, installed over the ground. They’re delivered to your doorstep pre-plumbed and left in a convenient place. Usually, swim spas are installed in the backyard, but they can also be located inside the house – given that you have sufficient space.

An inground swim spa is something you can boast of. It provides a lower profile and the fits into almost any interior. The latter is the primary reason to prefer an inground spa over the above ground options.

An interesting alternative is to get a swim spa built straight into a deck. Prebuilt swim spa shells are constructed from fiberglass or acrylic. Such variant provides you with the same comprehensive look as a real inground spa at a more affordable price.


Unluckily, as for the price of inground swim spa, we can’t give you an exact figure, because even separate swim spas differ significantly in price (not to mention such variables as designs, materials, models, placements, etc.)

One thing we know for sure is that inground swim spas are usually more expensive than inground spa shells intended for a deck (which, however, are more costly than the above ground devices). Nevertheless, inground swim spa can turn out more cost-effective than a full-sized inground pool. And don’t forget a swim spa takes up little space and reduces maintenance work in comparison with a normal pool, which is very important.

As well as any project of this kind, the most optimal method of saving money on an inground swim spa is to look for the builders in your region. Find the workers who can not only boast of a great reputation, but also of a wide experience in the installation of swim spas. After that, get several bids to find out who provides the best quality at the most affordable price.