What does it mean to buy a property with a swimming pool?

Most persons aren’t willing to purchase a house with an inground pool, which is understandable. Having a pool has to be taken seriously. Before buy a property with a swimming pool, it’s essential to think carefully about whether you’re ready to pay for heating, chemical substances, maintenance, renovation works, as well as other running costs that are associated with such purchase. In addition, there are security and responsibility issues to consider.

Even if you make a decision to get a pool, there’s reason for precautionary approach when thinking of a house that already has it. Namely, there could be fundamental issues that aren’t apparent at first sight.

Nevertheless, purchasing a house with a pool also has significant benefits. The main thing is to find a home and pool combination that matches your way of life, and then ensure that everything works fine.

Benefits of purchasing a house with a swimming pool

Of course, the main benefit of buy a property with a swimming pool is that you’ll actually have the latter! However, it is also possible to purchase a home that doesn’t have a pool and build it built with your own hands when you want. So, why should you choose the package deal? You can find the main reasons below.

It’s generally less expensive. A pool owner can’t expect to get the total value of their pool while selling their home. The reason is that most house purchasers don’t consider a pool as increasing the value and may even see it as a drawback. For the person who actually dreams of a pool, that’s a good chance to get one with a reduction.

There are fewer problems. Installation of a pool is a difficult task. From making a decision on what you wish and discovering a reliable contractor to controlling the installation, this task can be overwhelming. Of course, some person enjoys this process. But for the rest, this is just horrible.

It is possible to begin swimming now. Pool building is time-consuming, and if the chosen builder is booked solid, you may even skip a bathing season. Moving into a house with a pool permits you to begin swimming on the very first day.


Well, the major drawback of purchasing a house with a pool is that you must maintain it. However, suggesting that you’re prepared for such a commitment, below are several reasons you might wish to think carefully about following this path.

You’re purchasing used. The pool might not be in the ideal condition, particularly if it was built many years ago. The pool may require some costly replacements in the short term. Worst of all, you may not even understand what has to be substituted until it gets broken.

You didn’t make a design. While building a pool on your own, you can select all the characteristics – form, dimensions, lighting system, heater, etc. It’s highly improbable that you’ll find a perfect pool “in the wild.” It is possible to reconfigure everything, but great changes could be just as expensive as a whole new pool.

It’ll probably be more expensive and harder to maintain. It is unlikely that an older pool has a variable speed pump or other energy-efficient functions. You may also be leaving out the latest high-technology equipment that facilitates the maintenance of your pool.

Last piece of advice

If you think of a purchasing a house with a pool, the best recommendation is to find out as much as possible about the pool and defend yourself in case something goes wrong. Below you can find some concrete things to try:

Ask all questions that interest you. When was the swimming pool installed? Who built it? What’s the price of its maintenance per month? How will it affect the home insurance? That’s what you should find out if you want to make a considered decision.

Communicate with the contractor. If you can, communicate with the company that worked on the pool. They should confirm key information; after that, ask about the building to see if there’s anything out of the ordinary you need to know about.

Have the pool examined by an expert. Knowing the current state of the pool is essential. For this reason, it’s smart to hire an expert to examine the pool and report on any problems.

Home insurance is a must. Home insurance usually comes with home purchases to pay for any repairs that emerge during the first few years. Pools may be included as well, generally for an extra charge. In the best-case scenario, it will be even paid for by the home seller. But don’t forget that read small print to see what isn’t covered by the insurance.





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