Water features for pool: considering the options

For most householders, a basic pool is everything they want. But for the rest, a backyard pool is an artwork that must be beautiful even when it’s not used. For such persons, water features for pool are indispensable instruments for adding a bit of life to an otherwise static pool design.

Certainly, water features aren’t good for each pool owner. First of all, not all of us have enough space for them. Apart from those practical issues, many persons opt for the calm and minimalistic look. Actually, some of the best pool designs seemingly stick to the old saying that there’s beauty in simplicity.

On the other side, there’s something about the water movement that’s dazzles all of us. A water feature attracts attention to your pool more than anything else. To give you an understanding of the options, below you can find a quick review of some of the most widespread water features for pools.

Rock waterfalls for pools

When people think about how to decorate their pool, the inclusion of a waterfall is usually the first thing that comes to our heads. Particularly, many persons consider rock waterfalls, where water flows over a well-designed stone structure into the pool. This kind of water feature is ideal for freeform pool designs, where it adds to the naturalistic looks. On the other hand, they can be expensive to set up and maintain, as they unavoidably require their own pump systems.

Sheet falling waterfalls

Another version of a waterfall is a sheetfall, where the water flows into the pool in a thin sheet. This kind of water feature is much in line with the majority of geometric pool styles, where a rock waterfall might look misplaced. They also have a more standard design, simpler to install, and since they can usually run off your pool’s pump system, cheaper to operate.

Do deck jets cool a pool?

Any person who’s been to a cool kiddie pool has seen such sprayers that direct a thin stream of water into the air. They can be situated in the shallow water of a sun shelf or on the deck jet. Since you can switch such sprayers on and off when you want, they’re one of the cheapest options.

Pool rain curtains

Rather than falling in an arc, the water from a rain curtain drops straight down from a heightened beam at the edge of the swimming pool. As with deck jets, you can usually use rain curtains upon request, thus reducing current expenditures. In some instances, you can even control the pattern created by the water.

Don’t think that you can integrate them into any old pool area. The appropriate water feature is based on the pool’s design, its use and the chosen sound level (which may be based on how close your pool is to your property).

Remember that these are just some of the most basic options you’ve got when selecting a water feature. If you visit Houzz and other home improvement pages, you’ll find some great features that have many different names. Most of them are so adapted for the specific pool install that the term you use for calling them is actually meaningless – you just need see them to realize what they represent.

However, in spite of their infinite diversity, water features all have almost the same purpose – to add sound effects and visual attraction to your pool.