Various kinds of pool liners

Various kinds of pool liners. Pool lining is a very important part of work, as it performs a decorative function and determines the future look of finished construction.

The following materials are used for the pool lining: natural stone; ceramic tile; mosaic (ceramic, smalto); PVC film; polypropylene.

Marble and granite are usually used for the pool lining with natural stone. Marble is very expensive and requires special care. It doesn’t endure treatment with usual cleaners. Such pool has a very interesting visual effect due to the uncommon property of marble to reflect the light.

The most common finishing material for the pool lining is a ceramic tile. It is durable, cold resisting and insensitive to chemicals. Moreover, it withstands a heavy load.

The pool lining with mosaic

There are 2 kinds of mosaic: ceramic and smalto. The ceramic mosaic looks like a tile, but it is smaller. The mosaic pieces of the same color but different shades are usually used for the pool liners. It allows achieving the elegant look. Smalto is made of the certain kind of tinted glass.

The pool lining with PVC film

PVC film can be smooth or goffered. It is the simplest and the most economic material for the lining of the pools, locating indoors. It service life comes to 20 years.

The bowl liners with polypropylene

This material is used for the lining of outdoor and indoor pools. The sheets of polypropylene are welded together with extruding machine. As a result, we get the flat lining of plastic. However, it looks non-aesthetic, as it is impossible to hide the joints. Moreover, this kind of pool lining is more expensive than the tile.

pool liners

pool liners