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Top solar pool covers

solar swimming pool covers

Heating a pool may be very expensive. Luckily, there are quite a few tricks you can do to decrease heating expenses. The first thing is to buy a solar pool covers.

Solar pool covers (also known as solar blankets) impede evaporation and isolate the pool from cold air, at the same time retaining heat from the sun. While there is a wide range of solar covers – including liquid solar covers and solar pool rings–the most common type is the one that reminds of bubble wrap. Such covers are adapted to the precise shape of an inground or above ground pool, and swim on the water when you don’t use the pool.

With all the costly pool functions available, you’ll be happy to hear that solar covers are comparatively inexpensive – particularly compared to the sum of money they can save you in energy expenditures. The tremendous savings are due to the fact that they can enhance water temperature by 15 degrees or more, making a maintenance of your pool heater easier. Actually, using a solar cover could permit you to do with a solar heater or a smaller heater.

However, not all solar covers are the same. A fast examination of client feedbacks clearly indicates that a few of them stand out from the crowd.

Best solar pool covers

Although it may be difficult to choose the best solar pool cover available, feel free to choose one of the following options:

1. Blue wave rectangular solar blanket

There has been considerable discussion about whether clear or tinted solar covers are better. If you prefer the first option, this solar pool cover from Blue Wave Products is worthy of consideration. It’s light and is available in right-angled sheets of different sizes.

2. In the swim solar cover

As regards tinted solar covers, blue is the most widespread option. This popular cover from In the Swim is available in right-angled 18 x 36 foot sheets.

3. Splash Pools Oval Solar Cover

Although it is possible to trim a solar cover, it’s better and more cost-effective to purchase one that’s already a suitable. Thu, if you have an oval swimming pool, this popular model from Splash Pools might be the perfect choice.

What to pay attention to in a solar pool cover

High scores are essential, but they aren’t the only things to take into account when choosing a solar cover. Below you can find some other properties to reflect on.

Size and form

You don’t have to search for a cover that fits your pool perfectly. Just find one that covers it on its longest and widest part. In this case, you can take scissors and cut it to the necessary size and shape. In case you have a bigger pool, think about trimming the cover into several pieces that are easier to put on and off. That’s also a great option if you’re concerned about the water getting excessively hot, as it allows to only cover part of the swimming pool.

Tinted or clear?

Many pool experts claim that transparent solar covers are more efficient than tinted ones, as they permit sunrays to penetrate and heat more water, while some of them argue that dark covers are better since they absorb more heat. But for many persons, the decision between clear and tinted options depends on the looks.


Thicker covers are usually better at isolating the pool, but they’re also heavier and more difficult to move around. Therefore, most pool owners opt for the light covers. The worst-case scenario is to get a pool cover that’s so bulky that you don’t use it.

Solar pool cover reels

In terms of convenience of use, choosing a reel can make it way more convenient roll up and save your pool cover when you don’t use it. Pool cover reels are available in different shapes and sizes. But ensure that the reel is compatible with the dimensions (including width) of your pool cover.

So, selecting the best solar pool cover is not so easy. All the above-mentioned pool covers get the highest score; however, there are many other factors to take into account when looking for the proper pool cover for your pool. Taking into account how much solar covers can reduce your pool operating expenses, it’s worth examining every option.

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