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Top ideas for a backyard pool

Top ideas for a backyard pool

A pool owner must know everything about the current trends. Eventually, a pool and its different extras – given that they’re properly built – are destined to last for many years. It’s much more significant for a pool to correspond to your long-term requirements than to impress your guests at the party. Ideas for a backyard pool.

However, most of the modern tendencies in pool design probably won’t become marginalized in the nearest future. They’re being encouraged by technological developments, a wish of the householders to be more environmentally friendly, and greater expectations for what a pool area can be.

In other words, whether you’re considering a purchase of a pool or renovating an old one, you should be informed of the recent trends. The majority of them are direct improvements over long-standing ways to do things. Below you can find the best backyard pool ideas that are certainly deserve your time.

1. Automatization

A decade isn’t so long in the lifespan of a pool; however, it’s an infinity in the technological world. Although the volume of maintenance associated with owning a pool is still a significant obstacle for most persons, this obstacle is being reduced due to computerized systems, which are increasingly being embedded in the new pools. Thanks to such systems, routine tasks are computer-driven, and can work either in an automatic mode or via an app on your smartphone.

2. Resort-style features

You may have heard the term “staycation”. This is a method of describing the vision of householder who aren’t happy with a simple backyard pool. This suggest strong interest in luxurious features, for example:

  • Attached spas or jacuzzies
  • Sun shelves
  • Water features (for instance, falls or fountains)

The point is to increase your investment in luxurious features while you can afford it. Adding main features afterwards is usually too costly.

3. Glass tile

Pool owners are constantly searching for ways of increasing visual attraction of their pool are, and glass tile definitely fits. Glass pool tiling seems impressive whether it’s decorating the pool steps or covering the entire pool interior. However, it’s not the most beautiful finishing. If anything, it’s more solid than any other variety of pool surface.

4. Saltwater systems

Pool owners have long been looking for something other than chlorine to clean their pools, and saltwater systems are now considered as its most widespread alternative. Although they’re not 100% chlorine-free and have their benefits and drawbacks, saltwater systems are now very common in private pools.

5. Geometric forms

For a long time, freeform pools were the most popular option. Nevertheless, pool builders are stating that traditional geometric forms, such as rectangles or circles, are back in fashion. It’s difficult to say what this trend involves. Probably, it’s kind of a reverse of the freeform tendency, back to the forms that are more space-saving and consistent with contemporary architecture.

6. LED lighting

As regards aesthetics, very few things have had a greater influence on pool design than the emergence of LED lighting. LED lights for the pool are available in different colors and can even be designed to create amazing underwater light shows. The best thing is that they’re comparatively cheap to set up, particularly when you take into account the energy efficiency savings they offer in the long run. So, it’s not hard to understand why LED lighting is a popular option for both new pool buildings and upgrades.

Are you interested any of these popular pool ideas? Before you plunge into the installation, make sure that the trendy new feature meets your purposes (and, of course, your budget). Having a fashionable backyard pool is amazing, but the only person whose view is really important is your own.


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